Saturday, November 9, 2013

Reiki Healing Center Newsletter - November 2013

Reiki Healing Center Newsletter for November 2013

Click on the link above for the November Reiki Healing Center Newsletter with all our coming events including:

Media Second Saturday 6-9pm at the Reiki Healing Center monthly.


7pm - Free talk: Introduction to Reiki, how it can help you
8pm - Free meditation with DVD of nature slides
6pm - 9pm - Reiki & chakra balancing mini-sessions ($1 per minute)

Louise Mastromarino comes to the Reiki Healing Center from New York on one or two Saturdays per month to offer classes, sessions, and a mediumship circle – please let us know if you want to be placed on her mailing list.

 Joan, Tina, Jeanne, Khadijah, Joanne, Dorothy, and Myra are available at the office by appointment.

Jeanne Badlato is offering the following: 
December 8 - Acupressure Class in Self-Help for Fibromayligia and Chronic Pain

How acupressure helps and points you can hold to relax and calm your body and mind. When your body is relaxed, it can better heal itself. Jeanne Badlato 4-6pm $25.
 Joanne Takata will be offering the following in December:

Holistic Approach to Dog Basics and Introducing Reiki for Your Pet" led by Joanne Takata. 

 Description - I believe it is important to build a relationship with your dog.  My goal is to give you information that will help you with your decisions to build this relationship. I will touch on topics such as collars, harnesses, crates, nutrition, massage, exercise, vaccines, and alternative health options.  I hope to show how all of these things interplay with a dog’s behavior and health.  I will then introduce you to Reiki for animals and how it can be integrated into your routine.  

The class will be held in the afternoon 12:30-4:00 for $50.  There will be follow up classes to go into depth on many of these topics.  To register, call 610-348-5698 or 215-262-2562.