Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Coming!!!!

'Sky" from Stargazer Wellness & Longevity Center will be here on Saturday December 13, 2008 with his amazing , German medically approved, Aurastar 200 Bio-field Imaging System. The Aurastar 2000 sensor reads the body's energy vibration/frequency from your left palm showing 42 points of organs energy. The advanced software then translates these frequencies into a dynamic (moving) color image of your personal world, unlike most static aura photo technology. Sky then helps you to understand how these colors/energies affect you at all levels-mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Sky employs a host of Non-contact energy healing systems, among others, in a truly integrated system to guide & help you in your quest to remedy many of the problems affecting you. A photo and a hand written report will be provided. The Aurostar may be hugely informative as well as fun & entertaining. So come treat yourself to a ride in the Aurastar 2000 and Stargazer's powerful and exclusive energy healing.

Appointments are available from 1- 5pm and from 6-9pm (during Media 2nd Saturday) .
Please call 610-348-5698 to schedule.

10 minutes $$20 1 Aurastar Bio-field Imaging only session aura scan - Photo and report included. No healing session included in 10 minutes but you can
book longer session in $20/10 minute increments until the next scheduled appointment or set up in advance for the length of time you would like.

40 minutes $75 - Includes Bio-field imaging and powerful and exclusive energy healing, guidance, and assistance, and also before and after aura

A 60 minute imaging session costs $100 - This session is for those who want a more in-depth session and/or look at the Stargazer 'TOTAL PERSONAL MAKEOVER' program. Pick up a brochure for more information.

'Sky' is the creator of the revolutionary Stargazer Total Personal Makeover Program. His education repertoire includes over 40 years of study with may top healers and doctors from around the world, also yoga, nursing, herbs, nutrition, energy remedies, etc.

It is recommended that you schedule your appointment with Sky ahead of time. Reiki for $20 for 10 minutes, $40 for 30 minutes, and $70 per hour and Magnified Healing(R) Phase I for $35 sessions can also be scheduled by appaointemnt with or without scheduling an Aurastar image at $20 each before and or after these sessions by appointment.

Remember after 7pm we will be doing free Reiki mini-sessions and you can get your Aurostar image if Sky is available or sign up ahead of time to insure getting an image of you aura on Dec 13 2008.

Media 2nd Saturday December 13th 6-9pm

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Come to our tasting on December 13th at the Reiki Healing Center
20 South Olive St. Suite 305 Media PA 19063
from 6-9pm and learn more !!!!

Danielle Patete

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reiki Healing Center November Newsletter

Here is the new Reiki Healing Center Newsletter. Learn about all our new events for this fall.

We will be having a new Winter Healing Seminar in January.

Magnified Healing® Classes are starting with Sarah Hohenberger.

Download our newsletter to find out about all our events.

Visit the Reiki Healing Center website and go to the Events page.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Magnified Healing® Classes are starting with Sarah Hohenberger

Dear one,
I am a Master Teacher of Magnified Healing® of all three Phases.

Magnified Healing ® is a powerful and diverse tool for healing our self, our brothers and sisters, and the earth mother herself.

The initiation into the First Phase of Magnified Healing® empowers you to become a teacher after completing eleven days of daily practice. All you need to embrace this magical healing is provided in the workshop.

To qualify for the two-day Third Phase Workshop, it is required to practice First Phase for four months and daily practice for eleven days before the workshop.

If this invitation is calling you, don’t hesitate call me to register and schedule your class.

Magnified Healing® Phase I

  • Date: Saturday Dec. 13 & Sunday Dec. 14
  • Time: 10am - 6pm on Saturday, 1pm-4pm on Sunday
  • Location: Near the corner of Belmont and City Line Avenues in Philadelphia
  • Fees: $133
  • Teacher: Sarah Hohenberger - Tel: 215 877 0430

Magnified Healing® Phase III

  • Date: Saturday &January 24 from 10am-6pm &Sunday January 25, 2009 10am-3pm
  • Time: 1-6 pm
  • Location: Reiki Healing Center in Media, PA.
  • Fee: $245
  • Teacher: Sarah Hohenberger - Tel: 215 877 0430

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chocolate Tasting at RHC

Chocolate & Cookies are GOOD for you?
Lose Weight and Feel Great!

2nd Saturday ~ Dec. 13th, 2008, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Chocolate Tasting & Business Opportunity Event!

( Nov. date was incorrect sorry)

Reiki Healing Center - 20 South Olive Street, Suite 305, Media, PA 19063

Call (610) 348-5698 ~ Will also include a Free Mini-Reiki Session following Intro to Reiki from 6:30-7pm.

Experience Rich Dark Healthy Belgian Chocolate.

Learn the many health benefits of Dark Chocolate & the A├žai Berry.

Learn about the Healthy Chocolate Business Opportunity.

YES, you can own your own chocolate business with very low startup costs!

We are looking for a few leaders to help bring Healthy Chocolate to Philadelphia & Vicinity!

Please be sure to RSVP for this event: 610-256-7457 Space is limited!