Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Media 2nd Saturday

Saturday, August 10: Media Second Saturday 6-9pm
Events in Media: Shops and restaurants are open,                 Our schedule at RHC:  
6-9 pm: Reiki Share, mini-sessions, and/or chakra balancing during the evening ($5-20 donation, or $1 per minute). 
7-7:30pm: FREE Intro to Reiki – Learn about the history and meaning of Reiki – how widespread it is and how receiving Reiki sessions or learning to do Reiki for yourself assists you in your healing process.     

Chakra Balancing Sessions with Joan Nikelsky

Saturday, August 10:  Chakra Balancing Sessions with Joan Nikelsky 215-498-5346.         By appointment 3-5pm Chakra Balancing mini-sessions for $1 per minute (20 minute minimum).

Friday, July 26, 2013

Reiki Share and Healing Circle

Saturday, August 3: Reiki Healing Circle (open to the public to receive mini-sessions) and Reiki Share (for those who already do Reiki), $5-20 donation, 10am-noon.                   

Reiki I SHoden

Sunday, August 4: First class Reiki I Shoden  1-7:30pm  and Sunday, August 11 second/last class (or can be scheduled earlier in day or on other dates/times by appointment). Learn to do self-Reiki and Reiki for others in this 12 hours of classes. $333 group class -$400 private class.

Reiki II Okuden

Saturday August 3: Reiki II Okuden 1-5pm. First of 3 classes. $444 for 12 hours of classes. Second class August 17, third class is August 31st – other dates/times can be scheduled. Learn International House of Reiki meditations and 3 Reiki "symbols" and remote healing and room clearing techniques.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Private Akashic Records, mediumship, and energy medicine sessions with Louisa

Saturday, August 17     Private Akashic Records, mediumship, and energy medicine sessions with Lousia if you would like a private consultation, please register today at (718) 981-2259