Friday, May 15, 2009

Reiki Classes and events in May and June

Friday May 15th  Part at the Media Arts Council THIS SPACE FO RENT ART EXHIBIT MEDIA ARTS COUNCIL'S Third AnnualTHIS SPACE 4 RENTArt Exhibit and SaleContinues TONIGHT May 15thCOME AND MEET THE ARTISTSwho have createdPaintings, Photography, Glass Art, Hand-crafted Jewelry, Fused Bead Art, Cut Paper, Tapestry, and other locally made artistic works.Live Music by Media's own Tom Mullion6 pm to 9 pmFront & Jackson Streetsin the former Bill Battey's Sporting Goods store(Of course, some of my own photographs will be there, too!)MikePhotographs by Mike Berman www.MikeBermanPhotos.comand some of my weavings will be there Myra Reichel as well as the art work of 22  other local artistsSunday May 17th PHILLY FIT BASH The 9th PhillyFIT BASH is coming Sunday, May 17th, 2009! 11-3, we pack in about 80 vendors, and 1,000-2,000 people or more, each and every time! Music, workout demos, healthy foods, tons of kids entertainment and games, diet/nutritional help, massage, reiki,, pilates, gym and home many ideas and so much fun. Only $5.00 per person to get in/kids under 5 free! LOCATION: Fairmount Athletic Club, 499 S. Henderson Rd., King of Prussia, PA.Reiki I $300  for 12 classroom hours  continuing education credits available for massage therapists and bodyworkers  Wednesday  3rd, 10th, 17th  11am-3:30pm  Saturday June 6th and 27th  10:30am-5:30pmReiki II Advanced Practice Reiki Practitioner - attunement to Reiki Master Symbol 

Nurses reply to Catholic Bishops

Holistic nurses group responds to Catholic bishops: 'Denying Reiki is unethical' Is it ethical to deny Reiki treatment? Or to prevent a nurse from administering Reiki? The American Holistic Nurses Association says no, in a statement issued in response to last month's new guidelines from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops denouncing Reiki and calling it "inappropriate for Catholic institutions." Since then, Reiki programs at some Catholic health-care facilities have been discontinued.The AHNA points out that "the practice of holistic nursing is not subject to regulation by religious organizations such as the Catholic Church."Further, it is important to understand that any person, organization, or institution denying a patient Reiki or prohibiting a nurse from administering Reiki violates the ethical principles of patient and nurse autonomy."The AHNA statement quotes Midge Murphy, JD, PhD, a professional liability risk management consultant:"One of the essential core principles of health care ethics is respect for patient autonomy. Autonomy refers to the patient's self-rule and the opportunity to make meaningful choices. . . Disrespecting autonomy means ignoring, insulting, or demeaning those choices by not honoring the decisions and preferences of the patient . . . The [Catholic bishops'] Guidelines in effect would violate the ethical principle of patient autonomy because the Guidelines would deny a patient in a Catholic hospital or health care facility the right to choose Reiki as part of the patient's treatment plan." The statement goes on to point out that the bishops' guidelines also conflict with the AHNA's Standards and Scope of Practice. It also cites five studies "that support the efficacy of Reiki in reducing anxiety, reducing pain, facilitating wound healing, creating a sense of well being, increasing hemoglobin levels, and decreasing free radicals." The AHNA statement concedes that "studies involving Reiki are not conclusive and the exact mechanism in which Reiki healing occurs is unknown. . . "Not all natural phenomena are understood by science -- new discoveries are first ridiculed, then argued against, then accepted as obvious," the statement concludes.Many thanks to holistic nurse and Reiki Master Teacher Lilia V. Marquez for alerting us to this news.Thanks Hal for forwarding this to the Reiki Healing Center - most helpful

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bio-Touch ™

Offered in Norristown and at the Reiki Healing Center in Media

Class scheduled May 10th in Media or May 24th in Norristown

Bio-Touch™ is a simple hands-on healing method that uses light touch on specific points on the body. The combination of correct points and light touch activates the body's own curative powers. Healing takes place as the inherent healing ability of the body is subtly motivated.
As healing progresses over time, "permanent" conditions begin to correct themselves. This method does not take any special state of consciousness or gift to employ. Bio-Touch ™ can be easily learned and effectively used by anyone, either professional or lay person, young or old, with results the same as experienced practitioners.


12 Hour Course Includes Lectures, Discussion, Hands-on Training

 Educate yourself about this complementary healing technique.

 Be informed about the subtle electromagnetic changes that occur when the body is subjected to human touch & how this affects every system in the body including stress hormones.

 See how this uncomplicated technique can help you to initiate and maintain a proactive response to your well being.

 Empower yourself and your loved ones to realize better physical, mental & emotional health.

 Develop and improve your self-awareness.

 Learn about current research in the field of Energy Medicine

Registration Fee: $150. Instructor: Barbara Viola, CP.
. Class manual & video included
Phone: 610-539-1830
Dates : monthly Email:

12 CEU’S for Nurses


Registration fee: $65.

The Reiki Healing Center can also offer Continuing Education Credits for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers call Myra @ 610-348-5698