Monday, August 10, 2009


Eloise Prescott, Reiki Master Practitioner will begin her Acupuncture Practice at the Reiki Healing Center in October, 2009. She received her Master of Acupuncture Studies from the Won Institute for Graduate Studies in Glenside, PA.
On Monday evenings at 6PM, on August 17 and September 14, we will have a free information session entitled “Introduction to Acupuncture,” where we will discuss the history, various types of Acupuncture and the benefits of Acupuncture medicine.
On Mondays, we will be having mini- Reiki sessions from 10 AM until 5PM for $20.
“Energize for the Week” - Give your week a boost with a Reiki treatment that will enliven you and help to give you energy for the rest of the week. Sign up for a private Reiki session that will include a free one hour interview and physical assessment. The physical assessment will include diagnostic methods used in Chinese and Japanese medicine:
Pulse and tongue diagnosis
Hara diagnosis (abdominal palpation)
Available Monday through Saturday – 10AM – 7PM for private Reiki sessions, for information call 267-240-5109. The interview and physical assessment is free; the Reiki treatment is $80.
As an Introductory Special Offer – sign up for the private Reiki session during August and September and you will be eligible to receive in October a complete Acupuncture treatment with a complete Reiki session for $100. This will be a two hour session. This will only be available during the month of October.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is an announcement of the opening of a Traditional Japanese Reiki Level I course in Downingtown, PA. The course will be held on a weekly basis on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings. The course of study is and must be a full two days of instruction equivalent (12 hours). Therefore The Thursday course will meet on 4 consecutive weeks beginning August 13th and ending September 3rd 2009 at the Downingtown Quaker Meeting schoolhouse. The duplicate course running on Tuesday evenings will begin on August 11th, however the meeting location is not available on Tuesday August 25th and so the Tuesday venue will extend longer meeting on August 11th and 18th and September 1st and 8th(unless the class size allows for an alternate meeting place August 25th). Each evening of instruction will be of three hours duration from 7 PM to 10 PM for a total of 12 hours. There will be homework between the sessions as well an open Reiki share opportunity on Sunday August 16th from 12:30 to 3PM. As the Tuesday and Thursday venues are duplicates there is opportunity to exchange a Tuesday night session for a Thursday night session.

The Instructor will be Joe Moon. The course will be taught in the method of the International House of Reiki of Sydney, Australia(IHR) as advanced by Frans and Bronwen Stiene and will utilize the IHR manual of instruction. The cost includes Reiki I practitioner certificate and access to the IHR student forum upon completion. Class size is limited but is open to anyone with an interest in learning about Reiki. Let me know if you or any of your students have an interest.

The cost for the four evenings is $80 + $20 for Materials there will also be a box for donations to the Meetinghouse which they have supplied at no charge. (suggested $2.50/visit or $10 for the 4 sessions)

Love & Light
Joe Moon


Friday August 14 Saturday August 15 Sunday August 16
9 AM-1PM: 9 AM-10:00 AM: Reiki II class 10 AM-11 AM:
Reiki Share: & Reiki II class Chakra Meditations: Khadijah "Renee" or Volunteers Chakra Meditation: Volunteer
10 AM-11 AM: 10:30 AM-12 PM: 9 AM-1 PM: Reiki II class
Chakra Meditation: Reiki Share, Beth Holcombe Songs Joan Nikelsky 1-5PM Reiki I & AP
12 Noon: LUNCH break 12 Noon: LUNCH at Thai restaurant 1-5PM Reiki Share
1 PM - 5 PM 1 PM - 5 PM Intro to Reiki ½ hour
Intro to Reiki ½ hour Reiki I & AP classes continue
Reiki I class or AP class 3 PM - 5 PM Networking of Reiki Masters & APs and songs (Joan) Qi Gong,Tai Chi: Eloise
5 – 6 PM 5 – 6:30 PM 5 PM
Networking: Pizza Dinner Out on the Town Dinner Seminar Closing Ceremony
6 – 7 PM 6:30 – 7 PM with Awards
Meditation/songs: Khadijah "Renee"/Joan Chakra Meditation: Khadijah "Renee"
7 - 9 PM 7 - 9 PM
Dr. Usui Birthday Cake/Healing Attunements Reiki Share

REGISTRATION FORM FOR SUMMER SEMINIAR - remember doors are locked from 5:45 on Friday evening and all through the weekend so we do need to know if you are coming. If you have a cell phone you can call 610-348-5698 and if we hear it we can come open the door you may have to call a couple times if we are not expecting you and are doing something else – if you do not have a cell phone please call before you leave your house so we will know when to keep an eye out for you – we try to prop the door but people from the other offices sometimes close it. If you are coming for the Thai lunch we also need to let them know how many are coming so please be sure to pre-register so we can get enough tables.
Morning Meditations (donation) Friday ____________ Saturday _______________ Sunday _______________
Morning Reiki Share (donation) Saturday _______________ Sunday _______________
AP - Master Symbol ($300) Friday ____________ Saturday _______________ Sunday _______________
Lunch ($10) Saturday _______________ Sunday _______________
REKI I 1-5pm ($300) Friday ____________ Saturday _______________ Sunday _______________
REIKI II 1-5 pm ($300) Friday ____________ Saturday _______________ Sunday _______________
Afternoon Meditations, Songs, Chanting Friday ____________ Saturday _______________ Sunday _______________
Reiki Share *donation) Friday ____________ Saturday _______________ Sunday _______________
Dinner ( Dutch Treat) Friday ____________ Saturday _______________ Sunday _______________
Founder Birthday Party cake &
Reiki Healing Attunement ($10-30 donation) Friday ____________
Evening Reiki Share (donation) Saturday _______________
Sunday Closing Ceremony Party FREE Sunday _______________
Send Registration and include checks if you are coming to Friday party and want a Healing Attunement send $10-30 donation and/or going to Saturday lunch send $10 and/or if taking one of the Reiki classes send a $50 deposit to the Reiki Healing Center 20 S. Olive St. Media, PA 19063 or pay on-line with paypal


On 8/22, I plan to do a reiki share/healing circle at the Center for Integrative Health in Wilmington, DE between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM. Please let me know if anyone is interested via having them email me at Nick


Janet Howe who does massage and polarity massage for women at RHC will be giving a talk on her work with orphaned gibbons and elephants in Thailand and Sri Lanka downstairs at 10,000 Villages corner of State and Olive on Wednesday August 12th at 6:30 pm

REIKI HEALING CIRCLE Tuesday August 11th 5:30-6 pm only this month call 610-348-5698
REIKI SHARE AND HEALING CIRCLE August 18th 5:30 - 8:30 this is actual date of 3rd tuesday

note Myra will be away August 21st-29th including last Wednesday so she will not be available for Reiki Clinic please check with other practitioners for availability for sessions.


Dr. Usui (Reiki’s Founder) Birthday SUMMER SEMINAR
Third Annual – August 14th, 15th, 16th - Save dates!!!!
Come celebrate Dr. Usui’s birthday with classes, shares, networking, and other activities. Check for updates at our blog at
Pre-registration requested by August 13th for activities; the door downstairs is locked over the weekend so we need to know when to expect you. Donations are appreciated for free events.

Friday August 14th
FREE – Meditations, Reiki Shares, and other activities throughout day 9am-5pm.
CHANGE Advanced Practice Reiki Practitioner 1-5pm, $300 for 12 classroom hours
Reiki I: 1-5pm, $300 for 12 classroom hours OR CHANGE Reiki II: 9am-1pm, $300 for 12 hours
Networking pizza dinner at the RHC, share costs, 5-6pm, OR bring your dinner.
Dr. Usui’s Birthday Cake with Healing Attunements, $10-30 donation, 7-9pm.

Saturday August 15th
CHANGE Advanced Practice Reiki Practitioner: 1-5pm, $300 for 12 classroom hours
Reiki I: 1-5pm, $300 for 12 classroom hours OR CHANGE Reiki II: 9am-1pm, $300 for 12 classroom hours
FREE EVENT: Meditations and song sharing throughout the day – let us know if you would like to lead a meditation or song. See schedule.
Free Event (donations appreciated) Reiki Share for those who do Reiki, 10am-noon
Networking gathering of Reiki Masters and Practitioners for Dr. Usui’s birthday, noon-1pm.
Bring your lunch or pre-register to go out for a Thai lunch for $10.
Intro to Reiki for people, pets, and the planet, FREE 1pm
Reiki Healing Circle 1:30-3:00pm: Mini-sessions to introduce the Reiki experience to newcomers and an opportunity for those who do Reiki to practice. FREE Donations appreciated
Janet Howe chair massage at Selene Co-op just past Orange St. on State St. by the end of the trolley line. She is seeking donations for a return trip to Thailand to help orphaned gibbons and elephants.
FREE EVENT: Networking of Reiki Masters and Practitioners, 3-5pm
DINNER 5-7pm, out on the town for dinner, Dutch Treat, OR bring food and stay at the RHC.
Reiki Share after dinner, 7-9pm, at the RHC.
Sunday August 16th
FREE EVENT: Meditation 10-11am. Classes continue CHANGE Reiki II 9am-1pm or Reiki I 1-5 pm or CHANGE Advanced Practice 1-5pm. 5pm, Seminar closing ceremony.

September EVENTS and Chakra Stone Class

Media Second Saturday September 12th
FREE Intro to Reiki: Relaxation and Healing 7pm FREE mini-Reiki sessions 7:30-9pm
Janet Howe will present a talk with pictures from her time volunteering in Thailand with endangered orphaned gibbons and elephants. Donations will go to help the gibbons.

Sunday September 13th
1:30-5pm Magnified Healing Celebration® in Exton PA
call Dawn 610- 610-636-0279, Roxayne 610-524-2171, or Myra 610-348-5698

RHC Sunday September 20th
2-4pm Book reading and signing by Eva Cutler Author of Sparks from the Fire: A Journey Beyond Survival available online from Barnes and Noble and Amazon and at the Reiki Healing Center Media, PA. Eva will share her experiences before WWII in Hungary, her life in a camp, her recovery afterwards, and lead a discussion based on her own study guide about discrimination today.

RHC Saturday, September 26th 2009: 2-5pm
Chakra Stones Class $55. Please send check/money order by September 12th so that we can be sure to have your set of Chakra Stones included with class. Space is limited -- reserve your place early.Energy Workers! Gemstones, crystals, and minerals are a powerful and effective energy source to augment your healing abilities. They are readily available and their use is easily learned by anyone, and especially effective for practitioners of Reiki and other healing modalities. Come join us and explore the ways you can incorporate chakra centers and the power of crystals. A complete multicultural history of this art and a guided chakra meditation will be offered.Source materials, charts, and chakra stones will be included in the course package, so that you may practice this! This will hopefully be the first in a series of classes that will include additional stones.
Drew Schmith: Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki, Amaterasu Reiki Master, Lemurian Facilitator, Animal Healing Reiki, YanXin Qigong 9-Step Child Longevity Practitioner, Martial Arts, holding rank in Sil Lum tiger-Crane KungFu, Korean Tae Gyun, Okinawan Sai, Yan Xin Tai Chi. Member & Journeyman Tuscarora Lapidary Society, Delaware Minerological Society, Philadelphia Mineralogical Society, American Opal Society. Graduate BA Penn State, former Phila. Community College Photography Instructor, Retired US NAVY aerospace Photographer/Imager

Sessions, Shares, Talks , CLinics and Sessions at RHC and elsewhere

SESSIONS at RHC by appointment CALL 610-348-5698
Eloise Prescott, Joan Nikelsky, Myra Reichel, Cathy Swanson, Beth Holcombe, Joe Moon
Note: See website for full information on fees, including discounts and special fees available.
Extended Karuna Reiki ® $135, or Extended Usui Reiki Session $103 at the RHC or at your location within 12 miles of RHC, Full Karuna Reiki ® $95, Full Usui Reiki $75, ½ hr Usui Reiki $45 at RHC only.
3 Usui Reiki Gift Certificates. $200 – use for self or others, 4 Usui Reiki Gift Certificates. $250 (save $50),
House Clearing, $150 for up to 7 rooms up to 12 miles - after that $1 per mile additional miles one way.
DISTANCE Usui Reiki or Magnified Healing Phase I: Three 20-min sessions for $50. You do not need to come into the office for these sessions. Just pick times and dates when you will be resting.
Magnified Healing ® Sessions $50 per half hour – each session can take half hour to two hours.

Joanna Karaoulis, East Falls, Philadelphia, PA 267-918-6124
Special from now through the end of August: 60 minute Reiki sessions in Joanna’s studio between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm on Wednesdays will only cost $40, or you can get 3 sessions for $90. Joanna also does both Reiki and Massage Sessions on Wednesdays and other days of the week at her location in East Falls.

First Thursdays Reiki Share with Linda Waters, 5-7PM – Sept 3rd and Oct
Venue: Eviama Life Spa 262 South 16th St. 2nd Fl, Center City Philadelphia. Donations please

Nick Kotchision and Karon Massado Reiki Masters from the Reiki Healing Center are now offering a Reiki Share Saturday August 22 from 9:30-11:30 (please RSVP SHARE STARTS ON TIME) and Reiki sessions in Delaware at the Center for Integrative Health, 2502 Silverside Road, Ste. 9, Wilmington, DE 19810. Nick’s email is or cell phone him at 302-230-1962.

Khadijah "Renee" Advanced Practice Reiki Practitioner is offering Reiki Sessions -- Summer Hours Tuesdays from 3-7PM or other times by appointment at the Advanced Spinal Care Center, 1129 Pine Street. Philadelphia, PA 215-910-8902

Wednesday, Sept. 16th Janet Howe at Rachael Kohl Library on Smithbridge Road in Glen Mills
Giving a talk about Orphaned gibbons and elephants in Thailand and Sri Lanka

SHARE: Practitioners trade with each other for a suggested $5-10 donation to help cover RHC rent,
HEALING CIRCLE: Receive a mini-session from Reiki practitioners for a suggested donation of $5-$20.
First Saturdays at RHC: led by Beth Holcombe, call 610-348-5698 to enter building if door is locked
SHARE & HEALING CIRCLE: 10AM -noon – September 5th , October 3rd
NEW ! Second Thursdays at RHC: led by Joan Nikelsky – RSVP if possible to Joan, 215-498-5346
SHARE & HEALING CIRCLE: 12 noon- 2pm -- August 13th, September 10th
Second Saturday at RHC: during Media 2nd Saturday 7:30-9PM –
SHARE & HEALING CIRCLE -- September 12th , October 10th
Third Tuesdays at RHC: led by Beth Holcombe, call 610-348-5698 to enter building if door is locked
SHARE & HEALING CIRCLE: 6-8PM -- August 18th, September 15th

Weekly Thursdays at RHC) 2-7pm Sliding scale Call Joan Nikelsky 215-498-5346,
Fourth Mondays at Media Fellowship House, 305 S. Jackson, Media, PA: 1-3PM Aug 24th, Sept 28th
Last Wednesdays at RHC free 15 minutes or $20 off your session – (no Aug.), Sept. 30th Oct 28th

August - October Classes

2009 August-October CLASSES
Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Practice are each 12 hours of classroom work before receiving certificate. Adults $300; Senior or under 18 $275; Disabled $210; Children 5-12: $200 if accompanying parent taking class at above rates. Reiki Master Practitioner is 16 hours plus additional work $400, Reiki Master Teacher takes 6 months or more to complete: $1400. Karuna Reiki ® and Magnified Healing ® classes see listing for prices. For private classes(you receive 2-3 private sessions during class time) to meet your schedule $400. Please send a $100 deposit to Reiki Healing Center, 20 S. Olive St., Suite 305 - Media PA 19063 to register for a class one week prior to your start date.

Massage Therapist and Bodyworkers CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS through National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers (NCBTMB) for all classes taught at the RHC or by its teachers.

REIKI I – Friday August 14th, Saturday August 15th, and Sunday August 16th 1-5pm
OR Mondays in August, Tuesdays in September, Wednesdays in October
OR start 1st Sunday in September 2-6pm OR start 1st Saturday in October 9am-1pm

REIKI II – Friday August 14th, Saturday August 15th, and Sunday August 16th: 9am-1pm
OR Wednesdays: September 2nd, 9th, and 16th OR Thursdays in October
OR Sundays in September OR Saturdays in October

ADVANCED PRACTICE REIKI PRACTITIONER – August 30th 9am-6pm & another class
OR Friday August 14th, Saturday August 15th, and Sunday August 16th, 9am-1pm.
OR Thursdays in August OR Fridays in September OR Tuesdays in October
OR Saturdays in September OR Sundays in October

HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER/REIKI MASTER PRACTITIONER (RMP): Four classes: Saturdays in August and September OR Tuesdays in August OR Mondays in September OR Sundays in October OR Mondays in October

REIKI MASTER TEACHER (RMT): 24 classroom hours, 50 hours auditing classes, 50 hours student teaching, plus 31 or more additional hours of outside requirements. Ongoing – students can start at any time. Course is self-paced – takes approximately a year, depending on your availability and students signing up for classes.

Karuna Reiki® I –Prerequisite Reiki Master Symbol Attunement 6-12 months prior to class. 8 hours by appointment. Cost $350. Karuna Reiki® II - 6 hours by appointment (must have Karuna Reiki® I already) Cost $250. Karuna Reiki ® Master (If you already have Karuna I & II and you already teach Reiki – you can review and learn how to do attunements) $300. If you have not taken Karuna Reiki® I & II, then you need to take all 3 levels and review classes by appointment. Cost: $750

Magnified Healing® Phase I: 2 days, 10-12 hrs. You can teach this class 11 days after completion. By appt. $250 If you already have your certificate and want a review: audit existing class $50. Magnified Healing Celebration® Phase II: 3-4 hours class plus participation in Celebration (date to be arranged). Pre-requisite Magnified Healing® Phase I. You can teach this class and lead Celebration. Cost: $111.
Magnified Healing® Phase III: 2 days, 8-10 hrs total. Light Worker. Prerequisite 4 months plus 11 days daily practice of Phase I prior to workshop. Taught by: Sarah Hohenberger 215-877-0430. Cost: or by Chris Aldworth in Delaware. (In order to teach this Third Phase of Magnified Healing ® additional classes are necessary).

Mission Statement
Reiki Healing Center was founded in September of 2006 by Myra Reichel, Karuna Reiki ® & Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and Master Teacher of Magnified Healing ®, to serve as a place for adults and children to learn about the power of Reiki (spiritually guided life force energy) for healing and relaxation of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Clients can receive or as students they can learn how to transmit Reiki Universal Healing Energy for their own healing, as well to heal other people, animals, plants, and the world itself. The Center is a place where those in need of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual relief from dis-ease can start their path to wellness, abundance, and prosperity. Reiki Healing Center 20 S. Olive St. Media, PA 19063 610-348-5698


This is an article written for Myra who was kind enough to try and do healing sessions for me when I was in severe pain physically and disillusioned mentally(sorry about my spelling) I had tried 2x to write an article about what I do and what some of the shelters I volunteer do I used to do more physical help but because of my health lately my volunteering has been via the internet and donations I kept telling people I was upset because I could not do more or give the kind of help I used to and they would say something is better then nothing or at least the thought was there so this is when I decided when I wanted to help by writting this news article about the dogs in the shelter why they are there and the kind of help they need and if this helps some dogs(or other animals) get adopted or makes someone think twice about giving their dog away I will be happy. This might be long and might need to be in 2 or more parts Firstly when you think of a dog in the shelter you think of an old mean unadoptable dog WRONG They are and can be a young dog that someone got then found out they took too much time money or effort and after only a few months they were given away they could be dogs that required too much vet bills or medical care they could be dogs that were owned by persons with a home in a steady area then for some reason the owner moved to apt.where they could not have dogs in other situations which I personal had an experience with and found a home for this dog it was owned by an elderly couple they bought the dog for company the man passed suddenly and the woman was left alone devestated and lonely because she missed her husband she died 2 weeks latter so now you have a very young dog who was a spoiled grandchild substitute now in a shelter and scared and now with people looseing jobs homes and income you even have people who love their dogs so much they feel the only way to take care of the pets is to give them to a shelter I have been at a shelter when couples bring in the dogs and say it is either feeding my dogs or my kids this would have never happeened a few years ago These are all the situations other then dogs who are just abandoned so when you go to the shelter think about why these loving dogs bark alot when you come in or look scared etc. There are many ways to help these animals you can send donations to local shelters or you can go online and fill out an application to give just afew hours a week to help they need help with so many things and almost anyone can help They even have nedd for persons to give foster homes temp. houseing to dogs while they are waiting to find homes many times this foster care helps the dogs get used to a family environment so they are more easily adoptable especially if they have emotional issues like that one dog of the elserly couple I told you about that dog was scared to be left alone and would cry almost the whole time she was left alone. my point is dogs do not need much alittle time some food and love for a dog like this is a gift you will never regret the animal will be so greatful and you can not imagine how much joy and warmth you will get back in return My dog Brody a 2 year old active border collie needs more physical exercise then most dogs this is another reason why the working dog breeds border collie,austraillin shepard etc. are brees who you find in shelters in large numbers as I said I have alot of physical medical issues and I am in a great deal of pain but the fact that i have to get up in the morning to give him food get him some exercise gets me up and out instead of just laying about like other people i know this is hard but great and rewarding and then there is just rubbing their tummy peting them and haveing them just lay next to you when you are watching tv or when you are feeling too ill to do anything There is not one person I know that ended up adopting a dog that is not more greatful they got the dog then the dog is that they got them So if you are thinking or giveing up your dog try not too there are even people like me that will help you as much as they can money wise or help others get you moneymoney so you do not have to do this even if we always do not have much and if you have some spare time and money and want someone to share it with adopt an animal from a shelter you will NEVER NEVER regret it I PROMISE I do not know if this turned out how i wanted but I hope you all get the point every precious animal in the shelter is looking and is in need of your time your money and your love and inturn will make your life fuller then you can imagine Sincerely Sharon and my dog Brody PS Can you please all say a healing prayer for me so my body gets better enough where I might do more of what I want for more animals it is my passion and my love