Wednesday, October 27, 2010


3 hours of concentrating on the Aura and Chakras,  by appointment $150.

REIKI FOR PETS - For those of you who already do Reiki

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Fee: donation to help animals. Proceeds from the class will be donated to Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals.

Location: Reiki Healing Center, Media, PA

November 14, 11am-12:30pm

For those of you who do Reiki - come hear what Diane Volpe has to say in this excellent Reiki for Pets class. Please RSVP 610-348-5698.

Topics: The Golden Rules of working with Animals - Why Animals love Reiki - The psychology of working with Animals - Hand positions and long distant healing - How Animals respond to treatment - Working with shelter Animals.

Bio: Diane is a life long animal lover, and animal reiki teacher. Diane has studied with Kathleen Prasad, one of the most respected animal reiki teachers in the country. Diane is also a volunteer at the Chester County SPCA, and Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


INTRO TO REIKI By appt. to meet your personal or group needs. Includes mini-session.

Call 610-348-5698 for fees depending on group size and location of class.

Offered free monthly on 2nd Saturdays 7-7:30PM. There will be a  talk followed by Reiki mini-sessions so you can see what Reiki is like and receive some healing for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems.

New REIKI Classes at Reiki Healing Center, Philadelphia area

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 REIKI LEVEL I SHODEN: Shoden means “First Teachings”. Beginners Class Inc Shoden Reiki Attunement, Usui original teachings, Reiki Self-healing and healing others instruction, Reiki sessions during class. Certificate. 12 Continuing Education credits for massage and body workers. 12 hours $400. Call 610-348-5698 for info on auditing class if you are already Reiki I but want to learn original teachings.

REIKI I SHODEN classes can be scheduled during the week by appointment in 6 2-our classes, 4 3-hour classes, 3 4-hour classes, or 2 6-hour classes.
Reiki I Shoden Saturdays 11am-6pm, 1st class November 20th & 2nd class December18th. Reiki I Shoden Tuesdays 3-6pm November 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd .

REIKI LEVEL II OKUDEN: Prerequisite Reiki I or Shoden. Okuden means “Inner Teachings.” Find universal oneness, Okuden attunement, give sessions to other people, and learn Distance Reiki. Certificate. 12 Continuing Education Credits available. 12 hours $500. Call for info on auditing class if you are already Reiki II but want to learn original teachings.

REIKI II Okuden classes can be scheduled during the week by appointment in 6 2-our classes, 4 3-hour classes, 3 4-hour classes, or 2 6-hour classes call 610-348-5698.

REIKI II Okuden Monday 1-5pm, October 18th and November 1st & 8th

REIKI II Okuden Sundays 11am-5:30pm, 1st class November 7th and 2nd class November 21st

REIKI II Okuden Sundays 1st class November 7th 11am-5:30pm, and 2nd class December 5th 10:30am-5pm

REIKI II Okuden Sundays 1st class November 14th 1-7pm and 2nd class November 21st 11am-5:30pm.

REIKI II Okuden Sundays 1st class November 14th 1-7pm, and 2nd class December 5th 10:30-5pm

REIKI II Okuden 3rd Saturdays monthly, six 2-hr classes 9am-11am, November 20th, December 18th, and in 2011, January 15th, Feb 19th, March 19th, April 16th

REIKI LEVEL III SINPIDEN – Reiki Master 2010-2011: Prerequisite Reiki II or Okuden (bring Reiki Level II or higher certificate to class). 24 hours of classroom plus supervision of 48-60 possible hours of required participation in and leading Reiki Shares/Healing Circles/Clinics, going to public events to practice Reiki, giving Intro to Reiki presentations, handing in of client notes, and auditing/student teaching classes. If you are Reiki Level II, class is $1400 (24-hours classroom plus approx 60-hours additional requirements).

If you are Advanced Practice Reiki Practitioner, Reiki III, or Reiki Master without attunement/teaching experience, $1200 (24-hours classroom plus approx 48-hours additional requirements). If you are a Reiki Master, or Reiki III with experience teaching classes and giving attunements, the class is $900 (24-hours classroom with no supervision).

Receive Master Attunement, Learn Usui’s original Spiritual Blessing procedure to use for healing and channeling energy (the forerunner of attunements that Usui developed to help those without a spiritual path to channel Reiki energy), practice deeper spiritual development through meditations and mantras, practice on others, start your own practice.

Outside work. Course is self-paced, Classes can be taken by appointment or at suggested dates/times listed below. Up to 74 Continuing Education Credits given for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers.

If you are already a Reiki Master and would like to take this class to learn Usui's original techniques please notice reduced price for class listed above.

Shinpiden: Four Last Sundays 1:30-7:30pm Oct 31st , Nov 28th, (No Dec), Jan 30th, Feb 27th + add’l requirements

Shinpiden: Four First Saturdays 1:30-7:30pm Nov 6th, Dec 4th, (No Jan), Feb 5th, & Mar 5th + add’l requirements

Shinpiden: 10am-5pm Sat & Sun Nov 27, 28, Sun Jan 30th & Feb 27th + add’l requirements Shinpiden classes can be scheduled during the week by appointment call 610-348-5698 - 6 4-hour classes or 4 6-hour classes plus some additional work according to your needs.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Additional Reiki Classes

ADVANCED PRACTICE REIKI PRACTITIONER (AP) Reiki IIIA-- Master Symbol for those who only do Reiki for themselves or who do not want to learn to teach but want more experience and the use of the Reiki Master Symbol to do complete Reiki sessions.  12 hours in class $400.  (Note: Requirement for Reiki Master Practitioner: Reiki IIIB)

ADVANCED PRACTICE Sundays 11am-5:30pm December 19th & 26th  
ADVANCED PRACTICE  Saturday 8am-2:30pm  February 12th  & 26th
ADVANCED PRACTICE Weekday, Weekend, and Summer classes by appointment 610-348-5698.
REIKI MASTER PRACTITIONER (RMP) Reiki IIIBPrerequisite: Advanced Practice (Reiki IIIA). No attunement in this class. This 12 hour class, with 24 hours of outside activities, is for those who already have their Reiki Master Symbol but want more experience and information about starting their own Reiki practice. Outside activities include leading Reiki Shares/Healing Circles/ Clinics, presenting Intro to Reiki talks, attending events, and doing paperwork for client sessions.  Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate is given. Self-paced. Classes scheduled by appointment in any sequence. $400.

HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER is open to anyone interested in starting a holistic practice.  Learn about advertising and marketing yourself, networking, paperwork, taxes and deductions, working with clients undergoing severe physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual difficulties, and get full session practice. Holistic Practitioner Certificate after 12 classroom hours and 24 hours of additional practice of outside activities (36 NCBTMB CE credits). By appointment. $400.

Karuna Reiki® I Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master Symbol Attunement 6 months if working as practitioner or12 months if not seeing clients prior to class. $350. Sundays Dec 12, 10am-6pm or Feb 13, 10am-6pm or Mar 6, 10am-6pm or by appt.
Karuna Reiki® II - 6 hours by appointment after completion of Karuna Reiki® Level I. $300. Sun Mar 13, 10am-6pm or Sat May 7, 12:30-7:30 or by appt.
Karuna Reiki® Master If you already have Karuna I & II and you already teach Reiki, you can learn how to do Karuna Reiki® attunements. $300. By appt.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reiki Healing Center at the Mind Body Spirit EXPO

Reiki Healing Center will be at the Mind Body Spirit EXPO, Booth B-45, Valley Forge Convention Center. Weekend of October 22-24: 

We will offer Usui Reiki Sessions, $20/15 min. Karuna Reiki® Sessions $20/10 min., Magnified Healing® Phase 1 $30/20 min, Phase III $60/30 min.

You must purchase a General Admission ticket to see all Guest Speaker Events, Workshops, and Lectures.

For $2 off coupon go to Reiki Healing Center, Media & Philadelphia area, Events

October 23rd - Magnified Healing Celebration® at the Mind Body Spirit EXPO

October 23rd 3-5pm, we will offer a Magnified Healing Celebration®
at the Mind Body Spirit EXPO, Valley Forge Convention Center, Room 9
 High frequency light work designed to clear emotions, heal and connect all aspects of self, with karma clearing to prepare for ascension. Walk through 9 healing stations with certified healers.  Fee $20. 
Magnified Healing Celebration Workshop® and Celebration Ceremony®.  You will know how to do all the positions, can teach others, and can lead your own event after training. $111. 
Schedule: Saturday October 9, 3-6pm or by appointment, plus participation in Celebration Ceremony Saturday October 23, 2-5pm at the Mind Body Spirit Expo at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia , PA
For info, contact Myra, 610-348-5698,