Thursday, December 13, 2007

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Greetings and Happy Holidays!!!!!!

The Reiki Healing Center made its first appearance at the Mind Body Spirit Expo this year and was received with overwhelming interest. It was my 5th year doing the Expo. The previous 4 years Brad Hess and I had done the show together as the Good Energy Booth, or under the Natural Healing Arts, which I founded with Kerry Blubaugh, or we shared the booth with our friends from Rose Tree Holistic. The Good Energy Booth C 512 was the sign that the Expo printed for us and we saw when we arrived Friday. We left it up but claimed the space for the Reiki Healing Center by hanging up our banner. The Reiki Masters and Reiki Practitioners who volunteered at our booth were busy doing Reiki Sessions all three days and actually did as well as we had done with the Natural Healing Arts in 2004 with many modalities working out of the booth – On Friday there were at least 40 people at the Relaxation though Reiki and Meditation talk, and on Saturday there were over 60 people who were interested. I remember the first year I did a talk – there were only 5 people in the audience. Reiki is finally coming into its own.

I would like to offer my thanks and gratitude to those who volunteered in the booth. They did wonderful work and I could never have managed doing the Mind Body Spirit Expo on my own without them. They kept the energy high in the booth and many people commented that they could feel the good energy from the aisle. I know I enjoyed the entire company of Reiki enthusiasts at the booth. It would be wonderful to hear from those who received Reiki at the booth if they would let us know how they are doing after their Reiki session at the Expo and we hope they become interested in learning to do Reiki for themselves and others because of their experience. I am sorry that I did not try harder to continue my talk over the drumming, noise and other distractions on Saturday and I hope the mini- Reiki session you received spoke for Reiki. If you would like to talk with me I can call you, e-mail or call 610-348-7998 to get me personally or let me know some good times to contact you and I will speak with you personally to answer your questions.

I sent out the October through December newsletter in October if you did not receive it over the internet or pick it up at the Expo then please let me know and I will e-mail it right out to you. The December Newsletter is being replaced this month by this letter since my Dad was in and out of the hospital and died last week. I really miss him even though he didn't remember who we were he always told us nice and/or funny things and always told everyone that he loved them. He had been orphaned at age 5, joined the Conservation Conserve Corps, then the Army and was stationed in Hawaii, he worked at nights as a janitor for many years at GE, and had a long retirement since he lived until 90 years old. He will be missed.

Marian Durnell, who is a Sunday School Teacher, is planning on offering a Reiki for Children 8-12 years old with Parents Welcome Classes starting soon. She and I are trying to offer each level class on a regular basis she is available on Wednesdays and Fridays during the week and I am available most days, as well as Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. We plan to hold Reiki Level I on the first weekend each month, Reiki II is the 3rd weekend, Advanced Practice is held on the 2nd weekend each month so you can also participate in Media’s 2nd Saturdays to get some practice doing Reiki and the last weekend Reiki Master Practitioner, Karuna Reiki ®, and/or Magnified Healing ® will be offered. On the 5th weekends Reiki Master Teacher Workshops and other classes will be held. If you need other dates/times check with us since we have 4teachers at the center and can probably put together a class time to meet your needs.

Fran Staret says to Keep your hands and heart warm this winter in one of our Usui Reiki Ryoho programs: January and February classes are now forming for Level II Okuden Practitioner (12 week course), Level III Shinpiden Master Practitioner (16 week course) and Practitioner Levels I, II & III of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Intensive classes (8hrs. each). For more information and registration, contact Fran Staret at 215.385.0583 or

I am looking forward to taking Level III Shinpiden Master Practitioner with Fran since I was fortunate enough to take the first two levels during the summer, Fran has put together special classes for the Reiki Healing Center so that we can just take the missing parts of the training that corresponds with our level of training rather than needing to take the whole program over again. I strongly recommend taking this work since it includes many of of founder Usui's original practices, meditations, and other information not formerly available in the West.

In addition, Fran Staret, Eloise Prescott, and Rahman Beckwith generously gave us gift certificates to hand out as Raffle Prizes during the Mind Body Spirit Expo - so if you were a winner remember to use your certificate before it expires. Eloise Prescott is usually in the office on Wednedsaya 11:30 – 1:30 and available at other times

My thanks to Kristel Kiernan, Joe Moon, Beth Holcombe, Vince Gilhool, Rahman Beckwith, Beth Weiner, Dave Moran, and Kamal who were at the Expo helping too. Janet Howe, who teaches our BioTouch TM classes for women and has over 25 years experience with body work of many types was there. We also had help from other Reiki Masters, Raffik, who had his own booth Pranic Healing, as well as Lynn Margolis from Philadelphia. Tim and Jeanette, whom at met at Donna Smyth’s 3rd Sunday Reiki Share at the Aldan Judo School at 700 Long Lane in Lansdowne came and gave a hand. Reiki Healing Center students, Amadee, Laura, Kadisha, Kyoko, Jo Ann,worked diligently at the booth giving Reiki – and Linda handed out more Reiki newsletters to everyone passing by and Atamjit, Sarah Ann, Audrey, and Diane came to offer their support too. Sarah Hohenberger, who taught me Magnified Healing ® was there too – Johanna K and Bridget B. whom you know if you've attended a Reiki Share and Healing Circle at Eviama Life Spa at 262 South 16th Street in Philadelphia for our first Thursday event from 5-7pm were at the booth – We are also grateful to those Reiki Masters and Practitioners who helped give Reiki to those large crowds of people at the talks and/or at the booth who added their hands to ours as well as we gave Reiki.

Paula whom you may know from Healing Kneads in Swarthmore where we hold a Reiki Share/Healing Circle each first Tuesday of the month came by and Vanessa came by with water and $10 off coupons that many of you were fortunate to receive during the expo – so thank her for those. Thank you to the mothers who let their small children receive Reiki during the exhibit - we now offer Reiki for Children with or without their parents at the RHC. Carol and Donna from Delaware are going to be offering a Reiki Share in Delaware – so contact me if you want me to give them your info if you want to join them. I met Reiki Masters from different areas and hopefully they will give me info on their shares for the RHC website so that you can find them in your area. Rusty offered to do Shamanic Reiki at the RHC - so if you are interested in taking that with him at the RHC let us know so we can schedule him at the RHC soon.

I am also grateful to all of you who allowed yourselves to receive Reiki during the talks and during sessions at the booth – each time we give a Reiki Healing we also receive a healing as the Reiki Universal Healing Energy is channeled though us. I am also grateful for the experience that I and our students gained by working with you – it has increased our sensitivity to energy fields and our ability to heal ourselves and others. We welcome all of you to come learn to do this relaxation and healing modality for yourself with us or Reiki Masters in your area. Let us know about your own journey and experience, please we love to hear your story.

We are planning on doing the Expo next year but would like to share the space with other Reiki Masters from a wider area – we had potential students/clients from distances that are not interested in traveling to Media and felt that next year it would be good to have representatives from North, South, and Central New Jersey, as well as Delaware, and also Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, and Delaware County. It will cost about $250 each if there are 8 of us – less if want to share the booth with more practitioners and more if we want to have less practitioners in the booth or get a second booth. We can hand out info from whatever area the client is from and work together at the tables. That was good since it is the clients and students that we get from the event that are the real aim of the event.

Also we started announcing next year’s seminar/retreat celebrating Dr. Usui, our founder’s birthday August 14-17th and we are looking for Reiki Master Teachers and others to teach classes during this time. If you want to let us know what classes you may be interested in taking during the 2008 Seminar/Retreat by February 1st. If you are a potential student and send us a $50 deposit per class we will put your requested classes in the schedule on the days times that work for you and offer those time to other students in the schedule at your preferred dates.

If for any reason your name is not listed and you offered support and encouragement or helped out at the booth and/or talk please let me know and I will Send out an addendum to this note - I am grateful but trying to remember all that happened this busy weekend - many of you I have met over the past 5 years and it was good to see you once again/ I misplaced the mailing list from Friday and Saturday so if you did not have a session where you filled out a form please contact me to make sure I have your info for the mailing list.

Reiki Blessings to you all.

In Love and light

Yours always


December 2007 Magnified Healing Celebration (R) and Workshop and January Workshops

ALl are welcome to attend the Magnified Healing Celebration(R)to help heal the body, mind, emotions,spirit, the earth, humanity, and release Karma.
Celebration Saturday December 22, 2007 at Cambell A.M.E. Methodist Church 3rd and Olive Streets, Media, PA 19063 from 3-6pm donation Please R.S.V.P. at 610-348-5698 or so we can know to expect you. If you are already a Master Teacher of Magnified Healing (R) of the God Most High of the Universe and would like to take a station to heal at please let us know in advance and if you would like to become a Certified Magnified Healing Celebration (R) Facilitator please attend the morning workshop at the Reiki Healing Center 20 South Olive Street, Media, PA 19063 from 10am-2pm $135.

Students of Magnified Healing (R) learn a daily practice that includes healing the world and doing distance healing for self/others, participate in a Community Celebration where all receive a healing from 9 healers, and continue on to become Light Healers. Phase I will be offered January 12 and/or 13th 2008 for $200 and Phase III will be offered Sunday January 27th 2008 for $245.