Sunday, April 28, 2013

Reiki Healing Center Newsletter May

Magnified Healing (R) Celebration Ceremony

Join Us Thursday May 9th, for a Candlelight Magnified Healing® Celebration Ceremony 

6:30 pm-9 pm  

Candlelight Evening Outdoor Ceremony
at Temenos Farmhouse, meeting place of Earth and Sky

Magnified Healing® Celebration  -  a Sacred Ceremony  of light, sound, color  and divine energy  includes  Healing of the Earth and  Distance Healing for your friends & family. Since the day is Ascension Day – we will explore the topic from a spiritual (multi-religious) perspective. Bring candles, crystals, and flowers that are meaningful  for you for the altar and outdoor area. (We will be indoors if weather insists).                                                                                             
Love Gift: $22 Please bring a Pot-luck to share.

Location: Temenos Farmhouse (this is in a different building it will not be in the main retreat center building) Event will be outdoors weather permitting – if indoor we will be offering individual sessions lasting approximately 20-30 minutes each person.  

RSVP  Dawn  610-636-0279  or 

Myra 610-348-5698


This Ascension Day Celebration will be held at Temenos 1564 Telegraph Ave, West Chester , PA  19382 but for the farmhouse go past main entrance on left and go to next street, which  is unpaved in part - farmhouse is on your left turn left into driveway for parking lot past farmhouse. If you go over the stream on Telegraph  Ave. - you have just passed the turn.  

We thank Kwan Yin, Kathryn Anderson, and Gisele King for giving us Magnified Healing ®  

Magnified Healing Celebration Flyer 

Reiki Healing Center 1st Student Reunion

Come participate in the activities and celebration Saturday and Sunday June 1st and 2nd  

Come to the Reiki Healing Center Events page for the Reunion Schedule

RSVP 610-348-5698.