Saturday, April 3, 2010

Reiki & Acupuncture Clinics & Healing Circles at Reiki Healing Center - Affordable

Clinics by appointment with Reiki Healing Center Practitioners for a reduced fee.
Mondays weekly at RHC:  Reiki mini-sessions $20, contact Eloise Prescott, 267-240-5109.
Wednesdays at RHC: Acupuncture mini-sessions for a reduced fee, contact  Eloise Prescott, Licensed Acupuncturist, 267-240-5109.
Thursday weekly at RHC: 2-7 pm Sliding scale fee $45-75 based on your income for full Reiki session. Contact Joan Nikelsky, 215-498-5346,
Last Wednesday Clinic at RHC: 1/3 off a full session, 610-348-5698.
Wednesdays: Khadijah is offering Reiki sessions for $50 from 5:30 to 7:30 at Eviama Life Spa,
262 S. 16th St. 2nd floor, Phila. PA. 215-910-8902.

Reiki Healing Circles for a $5-$20 donation for anyone interested in trying Reiki or with limited income who would like to receive a Reiki mini-session.  RSVP preferred.
1st Saturdays at 10 am-noon: April 3, May 1 led by Beth Holcombe.  610-745-9098; 610-348-5698.
2nd Thursdays at noon-2pm: April 8, May 13 led by Joan Nikelsky, 215-498-5346.
3rd Tuesdays at 5:30-8 pmApril 20, May 18 led by Beth Holcombe, 610-745-9098.
3rd Sundays at Friends Meeting House, Downingtown, PA.  Call Joe Moon at 610 873-4514.
FREE Reiki Mini-Sessions
2nd Saturdays at 7:30-9 pm:  April 10, May 8 following Intro to Reiki talk, 610-348-5698.
4th Monday free mini-session for those over 55 at Media Fellowship House, 305 S. Jackson St.,
1-3 pm, call 610-348-5698.
Last Wednesday Clinic at RHC: free Reiki mini-session, 610-348-5698.
Reiki Shares for those attuned to Reiki (at least Level I) at Reiki Healing Center
for $5-20 donation; RHC members free.
1st Saturdays at 10 am-1 pm: April 3, May 1 led by Beth Holcombe, 610-745-9098, 610-348-5698.
2nd Wednesdays at 5:30-7:30 pm: April 14, May 12 led by Beth Holcombe, 610-745-9098.
2nd Thursdays at noon-2 pm:  April 8, May 13 led by Joan Nikelsky. 215-498-5346.
2nd Saturdays 7:30-9 pm: April 10, May 8 following Intro to Reiki talk. 610-348-5698.
3rd Tuesdays at 5:30-7:30 pm: April 20, May 18 led by Beth Holcombe, 610-745-9098
At Eviama Life Spa in Center City Philadelphia: 1st Thursdays at 5-7 pmApril 1, May 6.
Call Linda Waters at 215-823-6845.
Occasionally at the Center for Integrative Health in Wilmington, DE:  Call Nick Kotchision
at 302-230-1962.
3rd Sunday at the Friends Meeting House in Downingtown, PA. Call Joe Moon
at 610-873-4514.

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Second Saturdays in Media

FREE TALKS and DEMOS - 2nd Saturday in Media
April 10, FREE TALK: 2nd Saturday in Media – Saturday April 10 at RHC

6:00 - 7:00 pm - Magnified Healing ® with Myra Reichel on April 10
6:00 -7:00 pm - The Benefits of Acupuncture by Eloise Prescott on May 8

Each Month we do the following:

7-7:30 pm: Intro to Reiki

7:30-9 pm: Reiki Share for those who do Reiki; Healing Circle for those new to Reiki

6-9 pm: Sky will offer 5-10 minute personal Aurastar2000 imaging to help you 'see' objectively any potential problems in the aura surrounding your body.

Myra Reichel’s hand-woven tapestry series The Law of Three is on display at the office 

Throughout the town of Media the shops and restaurants are open many with live music and art exhibits. Come out with the whole family and enjoy the fun.
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Upcoming Events at Reiki Healing Center

FREE SEMINAR Saturday Apr. 17 at RHC - Hydration and detoxification truths.
94% of us are dehydrated! Most folks are totally toxic. Why?? Correction is critical!! Sky will present cutting edge ideas and techniques. Two sessions: 1pm-3pm and 5pm-7pm. Call 609-425-2421 to register.

SUPER SUNDAY in Media April 25th (rain date Sunday May 2nd) 10am-4pm
Reiki Healing Center Practitioners will offer sessions: Sky of Stargazer Wellness; Joan Nikelsky, Reiki Master Practitioner; and Eloise Prescott, Reiki Master Practitioner and Acupuncturist.

Master Teacher of Magnified Healing ® Phase I Workshop
Friday May 14 and Saturday May 15: 10am-5pm private home near Teramo, Italy. Deposit due by April 16.
Thursday May 20 10am-4pm and Saturday May 22 Media, PA 9am-noon, Fee $265.

A NURTURING OASIS Saturday May 22 9am-3pm Penn Valley, PA 19072 see our blog for further details or call Emily 610-667-2961.

Magnified Healing Celebration Workshop ® Phase II Workshop, Saturday May 22 at 3-6pm OR Sunday May 23 Fee $111. For those who have already completed Phase I Master Teacher of Magnified Healing® . If you have not taken Phase II but wish to participate in the line of healers at event on May 23rd or future MH Celebration Ceremonies ® this workshop will explain the process and you can hold your own Celebrations.

Magnified Healing Celebration Ceremony® Sunday May 23rd 4-6pm
Seva Retreat at the Elkins Estate, 1750 Ashbourne Road, Elkins Park, PA
Experience this spoken, moving, healing meditation as you walk through a line of 9 healers creating a temple of light with their bodies. (We recommend that you enter “750 Ashbourne Road” when using a GPS or online mapping service. The Estate is located on Ashbourne Road between Old York Road and Washington Lane)

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Membership in the Reiki Healing Center

Membership in the Reiki Healing Center is being offered, giving you discounts on classes, sessions, and other events, free Reiki Shares/Healing Circles, hour use of table in office for free trades with other practitioners,  plus other benefits.  

Regular membership fees are $50 for one year or $30 for 6 months; discounted fees (senior, student, disabled, unemployed) are $25 for one year or $15 for 6 months.  

Contact us to e-mail you the membership form; or check our website under “Join RHC" or RHC Events