Friday, April 4, 2008

Tarot Readings at RHC 6-9pm Media's Second Saturday April

"The soul sees in pictures." Barb believes there is nothing strange, supernatural or spooky about Tarot.Tarot uses a series of symbols and images to bring meaning and aid to the questioner. We are visual creatures, our subconsious mind sees in pictures. Much of our ancient art is in the form of cave paintings, Hieroglyphics and stone monuments for example. Just as the season of spring draws us to new beginnings as in planting of crops and flowers, so does the tarot "two of cups" bring promise of new life, love and growth. Another great example is the death card ( number 13 unlucky?), some see this as a physical death which it well may be, and it could also mean a transformation of another sort such as a new career, death of an addiction or outgrown behavior. Barbara Gambrill has studied Tarot with Carolyn Guss , Barbara Massey and James Wanlessl

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