Thursday, April 24, 2008

Barbara Gambrill returns to RHC for Media 2nd Saturday

Celebrating the Feminine: Since Mother's Day falls on May 11, the readings on 2nd Saturday will take a look at the feminine side of our nature, using all the feminine cards from the Voyager Tarot Deck. Questions to consider: What is your relationship to your mother (whether still on this plane or transformed), sisters, daughters, yourself? What role of a woman do you play in your relationship with others? Are you the guardian, nurturer, rejoicer, preserver, sensor. Explore where the Empress fits into your life journey, or what about the Priestess with all her wisdom? Consult the oracle to empower yourself and others.

$1 per minute - come early to the Reiki Healing Center 20 South Olive Street, Suite 305 on Saturday May 10th (the night before Mother;s Day) from 6-9pm and sign up for your time. Barbara was busy the whole time April's 2nd Saturday reading cards - and she is coming back by popular demand.

We will also be doing complimentary Reiki Healing Sessions so come early and sign up for your Reiki Session too.

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