Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reiki Relaxation and Healing Sessions, Classes New Price List April 2008

Myra Reichel, Karuna Reiki (R) & Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Call 610-348-5698

We see individual clients at the Reiki Healing Center, Media, Pennsylvania. We also offer sessions in corporations, nursing homes, rehab centers, sports clubs, senior centers, health fairs, street fairs, and other locations by appointment.

Individual sessions are by appointment only

Regular Prices

$35 mini-Reiki session

$70 full Usui Reiki session

$95 extended Usui & Karuna Reiki ® session

$50 for 3 distance Reiki sessions

$175 for gift certificates for 3 full Reiki sessions

$20 off last Wednesday of each month by appointment

Reiki I $250 12 hours - Learn how to palpitate aura, open chakras, do self- healing , and healing for others. Reiki I Certificate.

Reiki II $300 12-hours - Learn to draw and use 3 Reiki Symbols, more work with Chakras, and how to do Distance Healing. Reiki II Certificate.

Advanced Practice Reiki Practitioner $365 - 12 hours - For self practice, volunteering, and starting to see clients for pay. Learn to draw and use the Reiki Master Symbol, Reiki Meditations, advanced Chakra opening, experience and evaluation of full sessions procedure, Student Insurance and AP Certificate.

Reiki Master Practitioner $400 12 hours coursework and 20 hours practice. Business course for setting up your own professional practice when you are ready to start volunteering more, hosting Reiki Shares, building a client base, charging for Reiki Sessions, learning about advertising, taxes for self-employed, working with clients, doing full private sessions. Handing in 6 client notes without identification from sessions, hosting 2 Reiki Shares, participating in 2 events, and 2 Reiki Clinics mandatory are mandatory requirements. Student Insurance and Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate. When student starts charging for sessions outside of training professional insurance will need to be purchased - not included in this training.

Reiki Master Teacher $1200 24 hours coursework, 24 hours practice, plus 50 hours auditing classes, and 50 hours student teaching. 10 private notes without identification (at least 2 must be paid sessions) , hosting 2 Reiki Shares, participating in 2 events, and 2 Reiki Clinics mandatory. Reiki Master Teacher Certificate. Student Insurance needed at start of coursework - professional insurance required when student starts to charge for sessions and/or classes outside of training - cost not included in this training.

Disabled, or Limited Income, or Students, or Seniors, Cancer Patients undergoing treatment, or Astra Zeneca Employees receive a 10% discount off of all sessions per category by requesting and filling out an application to varify their status.

Reiki Healing Center, 20 South Olive St, Suite 305, Media, Pennsylvania 19063


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