Tuesday, December 7, 2010

REIKI Level III Shinpiden – Reiki Master:

REIKI Level III Shinpiden Reiki Master:  Prerequisite Reiki II or Okuden (bring Reiki Level II or higher certificate to class). 24 hours of classroom plus supervision of 48-60 possible hours of required participation in and leading Reiki Shares/Healing Circles/Clinics, going to public events to practice Reiki, giving Intro to Reiki presentations, handing in of client notes, and auditing/student teaching classes. If you are Reiki Level II, class is $1400 (24-hours classroom plus approx 60-hours additional requirements). If you are Advanced Practice Reiki Practitioner, Reiki III, or Reiki Master without attunement/teaching experience, $1200 (24-hours classroom plus approx 48-hours additional requirements). If you are a Reiki Master, or Reiki III with experience teaching classes and giving attunements, the class is $900 (24-hours classroom with no supervision). Receive Master Attunement, Learn Usui’s original Spiritual Blessing procedure to use for healing and channeling energy (the forerunner of attunements that Usui developed to help those without a spiritual path to channel Reiki energy), practice deeper spiritual development through meditations and mantras, practice on others, start your own practice. Outside work. Course is self-paced, Classes can be taken by appointment or at suggested dates/times listed below. Up to 74 Continuing Education Credits given for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers.                                      
Shinpiden: Four Saturdays 1:30-7:30pm   Feb 5th,  & Mar 5th +  2 other dates by appointment+ add’l requirements                      Shinpiden: Six First Fridays 9am-1pm  Jan 7th , Feb  4th, Mar 4th,  April 1st,  May 6th, Jun 3rd + add’l requirements                 Shinpiden: Sundays 1:30-7:30pm Jan  16th, 23rd, & 30th  and Feb 27th + add’l requirements                                                     

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