Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reiki Level I Classes Shoden -

REIKI LEVEL I SHODEN: Shoden means “First Teachings”. Beginners Class Inc Shoden Reiki Attunement, Usui original teachings, Reiki Self-healing and healing others instruction, Reiki sessions during class. Certificate. 12 Continuing Education credits for massage and body workers. 12 hours $400. Bring another student to class and the cost is $600 for the 2 of you. Call 610-348-5698 for info on auditing class if you are already Reiki I but want to learn original teachings.
REIKI I SHODEN classes can be scheduled during the week by appointment in 6 2-our classes, 4 3-hour classes, 3 4-hour classes, or 2 6-hour classes.

Class is offered  between  December 20 and January 7th  by appointment
Wednesdays 1-4pm January 12th, 19th, 26th, and February 2

Reiki I Shoden Saturdays 10am-5pm, 1st class January 8th & 2nd class January 15th new dates
Reiki I Shoden Wednesdays 1-4pm January 12th, 19th, 26th, and February 2nd
Reiki I Shoden Saturdays 11am-6pm 1st class February 19th and 2nd class March 19th
Reiki I Shoden Sundays 11am-5:30pm 1st class February 20th and 2nd class March 20th 
Reiki I Shoden Saturdays 1st class 8am-2:30pm April 9th   and 2nd class 11am-6pm April 16th 
Reiki I Shoden Weekday, Weekend, and Summer classes by appointment call 610-348-5698.
Reiki I Shoden Saturday 11am-6pm September 10th  and October 15th OR October 8th  & 15th

Shoden  If you already have your Reiki Level I training (bring Reiki Level I or higher certificate to class) and would like to learn Usui’s original teachings, then you can audit/re-sit the 12-hour Reiki I Shoden classes listed above if there is at least one other student in the class for $200 or take 6-hour private class for $200 or you can take the first 6 hours of Shinpiden class (dates listed below) where we review history, clearing, and meditations for $300.

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