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December 2008To February 2009 NEWSLETTER www.reikihealingcenter.org
20 South Olive St., Suite 305, Media PA 19063, 610-348-5698


Dec 13th, Jan 10th, & Feb 14th 6-9pm Shops & restaurants are open with free music, art exhibits, and performances.

Free 6:30-7pm, Monthly at the RHC: Intro to Reiki
Talk followed by question and answer period, afterwards free mini-Reiki relaxation and healing sessions - donations appreciated. 7-9pm.

Free 6-9pm Chocolate Tasting & Use for Health EAT CHOCOLATE, LOSE WEIGHT AND MAKE MONEY. Sat Dec 13th stop by and talk with Danielle.
Listen to our message at 212-990-6027! www.HealthyPhillyChocolate.com

Winter Start-up Seminar
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday January 23rd-25th
(Snow date the following weekend January 30th, 31st, February 1st)

Practice times and workshops for all levels of Magnified Healing®, & Usui Reiki, plus Intro to Alexander Technique will be available during the Winter Start-Up Seminar see list below and on next pages. Pre-register by1/15/09 with a $50 deposit per class/workshop to guarantee class will run. Sunday Celebration & share/practice times donation at event.

Magnified Healing Celebration® All are welcome.
Sunday January 25th 2009 (snow date Sun Feb 1st ): 3-6pm - doors open at 2:30 at Media Fellowship House 302 S. Jackson St. Media, PA 19063 Donations appreciated 9 part healing.

Magnified Healing® Phase I: $200 2 days, 8-10 hrs.
You can teach this class 11 days after completion. Fri Jan 23rd &/or Sat Jan 24th &/or Sun Jan 25th &/or Sat Jan 31st &/or Sun Feb 1st or by appt. at the RHC or for 4 or more students at your location.

Magnified Healing Celebration® Phase II: $115 total 7-8 hrs 4 hours class either Sun Dec 28th or Fri Jan 23rd or Sat Jan 24th 9am-1pm plus Celebration Sun Jan 25th (Sun Feb 1st snow date) 2-6pm. Pre-requisite Magnified Healing® Phase I. You can teach this class after 4 hours of class and participating in Celebration.

Magnified Healing® Phase III: $245 2 days, 8-10 hrs. Light Worker. Pre-requisite 4 months practice of Phase I plus 11 days of daily practice prior to workshop. Fri Jan 23rd, Sat Jan 24th, and/or Sun Jan 25th. Taught by: Chris Aldworth 1-302- 439-3825 &/or Sarah Hohenberger 215-877-0430. (In order to teach this Third Phase of Magnified Healing ® additional class must be taken beyond this workshop)

Intro to Alexander Technique: Fri Jan 23 or Sat Jan 24 2-4PM $40 per 2-hr class. Class taught by Jano Cohen.
Sat December 13th Media Second Saturday Special Event
‘Sky’ from Stargazer Wellness & Longevity Center
Aura Imaging Sessions: Photography &Healing
Appointments call 610-348-5698 *1-609-861-1002 $20 10min-1 aura photo & $20 per additional 10 min healing, $75 per 40 min before and after aura photo plus healing with Sky,
$100 for 60 minutes. Ask about Total Personal Makeover Program.
Reiki &/or Magnified Healing® Sessions may also be scheduled by appointment with before &/or after aura scan. 1-5 & 6-9PM

Winter Classes with Myra Reichel, or other Reiki Masters: 610-348-5698. At scheduled times or by appt. at the RHC or groups of 4 or more at your location. Classes for adults and/or children on weekends, evening, or daytime.

Karuna Reiki® developed by a group of Reiki Masters. You receive an Institute for Reiki Training Certificate signed by William Lee Rand. New requirements You can take it 6 months after Reiki Master Symbol attunement.

Karuna Reiki® I $350
Dec 27th Or by appointment

Karuna Reiki® II $250
Feb 28th Or by appointment

Karuna Reiki® I, II and Master start Dec 27th & Feb 28th or by appt. Plus 4 additional hours to learn how to do attunements $750

Karuna Reiki Master® Reiki Master & have taken Karuna Reiki ® I and II then come teach parts of I & II classes Dec 27th &Feb 28th plus 4 additional hours -learn to do attunements. $500

Happy Holidays to you & your family and friends! Holiday Gift Certificates
3 Usui Reiki for $175.
4 Usui Reiki for $200.
Save money! Can be given as presents or use yourself.

RHC is Handicapped accessible; no stairs, and an elevator to the third floor.
NEW!!! REIKI for Animals:
Intro to Reiki for Animals – if you do not have a Reiki Certificate $60. First half of Reiki I class for animals. By appt. or Sat Dec 20th 10am-noon
Reiki I for Animals – Must have Reiki I Certificate or be enrolled in Reiki I class $120. By appt. or Sat Dec 20th 10am-2pm.
Reiki II for Animals - must have Reiki II Cert $90 Sun Jan 18 10am-1pm

REIKI I for Children or Adults 12 hours $250
Sat Dec 6th & Sun Dec 7th 11am-6pm.
OR Wednesdays Dec 3rd, 10th, & 17th 2-6pm
OR Sat Dec 6th & Sun Jan 4th 11am -6pm
OR Sat Jan 3rd & Sun Jan 4th: 11am-6pm
OR Fri Jan 23rd, Sat Jan 24th, & Sun Jan 25th: 9am-1pm
OR Fri Jan 30th, Sat Jan 31st, & Sun Feb 1st: 9am-1pm
OR Saturdays Feb 7th, Feb 14th, & March 7th 2-6pm

REIKI II for children or adults 12 hours $300
ON: Sat Dec 13th & Sun Dec 14th 11am-6pm
OR Mondays Dec 1st, 8th &15th 2-6pm
OR Sat Jan 10th, Sun 11th & Sat 24th 2-6pm
OR Fri Jan 23rd, Sat Jan 24th 2-6pm &Sun Jan 25th 10am-2pm
OR Fri Jan 30th, Sat Jan 31st &Sun Feb 1st 2-6pm or 10am-2pm
OR Sundays Feb 8th, Feb 15th & March 8th 2-6pm

AP 12 hours $300
ON: Sun Nov 30th & Sun Dec 21st 11am-6pm
OR Sat Dec 20th, Sun Dec 21st, & Sun Jan 18th 2-6pm
OR Sat Jan 17th, Sun Jan 18th, & Sat Jan 24th 2-6pm
OR Fri Jan 23rd, Sat Jan 24th, & Sun Jan 25th 5-9pm
OR Fri Jan 30th, Sat Jan 31st, & Sun Feb 1st 5-9 pm
OR Tuesdays Feb 10th, 17th, 24th 2-6pm
OR Saturdays Feb 21st & March 21st 11am-6pm

HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER/REIKI MASTER PRACTITIONER (RMP) 12 hours plus additional work $300 if taken after AP training RMP Certificate given: business course – taxes, client paperwork, advertising, & professional development.
ON: Fri Jan 30th, Sat 31st & Sun Feb 1st 1-5pm
OR Sundays Feb 1st, 1-5pm, Feb 22nd, & March 29th 2-6pm

REIKI MASTER TEACHER RMT takes over a year to complete. $1200 Includes 6 2-hour Meetings, Reiki Master Teacher 12 hour Workshop learning attunement process, 100 hours, Audit and student teach Intro through RMP. Paperwork from 10 clients and 2 paid clients. Practice at 2 Shares, 2 Events, 2 Clinic, etc

INTRODUCTION TO GURDJIEFF –Monthly on Monday evenings RSVP call 510-348-7998 Come learn about George I. Gurdjieff and his work: All & Everything, Meetings with Remarkable Men, and Life is Real, Only Then When I Am.


Full Karuna Reiki® $95
Last Wed Clinic $75
Extended Usui Reiki $95
Last Wed Clinic $75
Full Usui Reiki $70
Last Wed Clinic$50
3 Usui Reiki Gift Cert. $175
4 Usui Reiki Gift Cert. $200
½ hr Usui Reiki $40
Last Wed Clinic $20
Monday Clinic: pay your co-pay listed on your insurance.
15 min Mini-Reiki
HEALING CIRCLES donation & Last Wed Free

Magnified Healing® Sessions
Phase I & III $100,
Phase III $80
Phase I $35

Last Wednesdays FREE 15 minute session or $20 off your Magnified Healing® Usui Reiki, or Karuna Reiki ® session.
Monday Clinic: pay your co-pay listed on your insurance.

Usui Reiki or Magnified Healing Phase I 3 20-min sessions for $50
Powerful remote sessions - No need to come into the RHC: Pick 3 dates and times and we will send a healing to a willing recipient or for a particular situation anywhere in the world.

Payment plans, discounts, & scholarships available for all sessions and classes. Ask for an application.

REIKI SHARES & HEALING CIRCLES ALL WELCOME SHARE Practitioners trade with each other for a donation to help cover RHC rent, HEALING CIRCLE Reiki Practitioners do sessions for newcomers or others for a donation to the RHC.

First Saturdays: SHARE & HEALING CIRCLE at Reiki Healing Center, 10AM -1PM , Dec 6th, Jan 3rd, & Feb 7th

First Thursdays: SHARE Eviama Life Spa: Philadelphia, PA, 5-7PM, Dec. 4th (Holiday Jan 1st New Years Day canceled) Feb 5th
(Suggested $5-$20 donations appreciated to cover rental of space)

Second Saturdays: Intro to Reiki 6:30-7PM, HEALING CIRCLE-7-9PM, Dec 13th, Jan 10th, & Feb. 14th 6

Third Tuesdays: SHARE & HEALING CIRCLE at Reiki Healing Center, 5:30-8PM, Dec.16th, Jan, 20th, & Feb 17th

Fourth Mondays: HEALING CIRCLE at Media Fellowship House, for those who use the Hometown Senior Center 1-2PM and for others over 55 from 2-3PM, Dec 29th, Jan 26th, &Feb 23rd

NEW MONDAY CLINIC at RHC sign up for a½ hour appointment between 3-6PM on Mondays for Reiki or Magnified Healing® and pay the co-pay listed on your insurance card.

LAST WEDNESDAY CLINIC at RHC sign up for a free 15 min Reiki or Magnified Healing® session or receive $20 off the cost of your Reiki or Magnified Healing® session.

Happy Holidays to you and your family and friends!
We try our best to keep information accurate but please forgive any mistakes. If you would like to be removed from the mailing list and /or e-mail list or your e-mail address has changed, please let us know.

myra@reikihealingcenter.org www.reikihealingcenter.org

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