Friday, December 19, 2008


Please feel free to call 610-348-5698 and set up other dates and times for classes - if you can wait at least 2 weeks to see if someone else will sign up for a class posted on the website then you pay the regular price even if you are the only one to show up. If you bring someone else to class with you then you save $50 off of the price of your class. We offer discounts and partial scholarships to those with financial need please ask for an application. If you want to have a private class by yourself at particular times pay $50 for first class and $25 each additional class extra that you do alone since you will receive at least 3 private sessions as part of the class -

NEW!!! REIKI for Animals: (lowered price and new dates)
Intro to Reiki for Animals – if you do not have a Reiki Certificate $40. First half of Reiki I class for animals. By appt
Reiki I for Animals – Must have Reiki I Certificate or be enrolled in Reiki I class $80. By appt. Reiki II for Animals - must have Reiki II Cert $60

REIKI I for Children under 18: $200 or Adults 12 hours $250 Audit Class $100
Mondays/Tuesdays/or Fridays by appointment other students are waiting to schedule.
OR Wednesdays January 14th and two other Wednesdays 4 hour classes in Amity/Warwick, New York class forming please call for details.
OR Saturdays Feb 7th, Feb 28th, & March 7th 2-6pm
By appointment $350

REIKI II for Children or Adults 12 hours $300 Audit Class $150
Sundays Feb 8th, Feb 22nd & March 8th 2-6pm
By appointment $350

Receive you Master Symbol. AP 12 hours $300
Tuesdays Feb 10th, 17th, 24th 2-6pm
OR Saturdays Feb 21st & March 21st 11am-6pm

Holistic Practitioner for those who do not do Reiki or Reiki Master Practitioner
Business course for holistic practitioners - includes Taxes Advertising etc.
Outside work also required to receive certificate
March 28th & 29 & APril 26th $300

see newsletter below for additional classes.

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