Sunday, February 17, 2013

Frank Arjava Petter auther of This Is Reiki is coming to our area in September - sign up soon for Family Constallations and Reiki classes

There will be a book signing for Frank Arjava Petter's book, This Is Reiki, which came out this year.  Arjava will be teaching Shoden and Okuden, (Jikiden Reiki) September 22-26 at the Doubletree in Wilmington downtown in the legal district.  He's also set to run a family constellation workshop for 3 days afterward.  I'm sure you will be excited to have the formost Reiki historian in our midst.  He is pretty spectacular. I've been working with Jikiden as well a IHR for the last two years and they complement one another beautifully. Jikiden emphpasizes hands on healing and has a direct line to Hayashi's teachings which are different than IHR through Chiyoko Yamaguchi. I'm having a bunch of brochures printed up in the next few weeks and will have tons of them available.  They are beautiful.  Let me know how we might collaborate in getting the word out. 

I've attached the two brochures for the two events.  His talk will be on September 30 6:30 or 7 at Circle of Miracles in Doylestown (New Britain). 

FOR MORE INFO CONTACT MYRA 610-348-5698 or and I will forward you the information or email Paula Michal-Johnson [pam504@Lehigh.EDU] – poster about the event will be attached to upcoming  email.

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