Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yoga and other classes at RHC

KRIYA HATHA YOGA Class with Frank Lock
Monday Series 7-8pm - Dec. 5, 12, 19, 26 - $5-$10 per class sliding scale
Starting in 2012, a fee will be charged for the series of 8 classes, so come now and check out what the classes are like!
The first objective of Kriya Hatha Yoga is deep physical and mental relaxation.  The body can become purified of many disorders and irregularities by asana (yoga postures).  The variety of asana grants flexibility, lightness and buoyancy in the body.  The practice of this 18 asana series awakens the energy centers along the spine and kundalini, our potential power and consciousness. This class continues weekly. Check our blog at  or go to for more information.  Call 610-348-5698 to RSVP.

Master Teacher Multidimensional Healing classes $350, with Beth Holcombe.
Beth is available evenings 5:30-8:30 and weekends. Contact Beth 

HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER CLASS is open to anyone interested in starting a holistic practice.  Learn about advertising and marketing yourself, networking, paperwork, taxes and deductions, working with clients undergoing severe physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual difficulties, and get full session practice. Holistic Practitioner Certificate after 12 classroom hours and 24 hours of additional practice of outside activities (36 NCBTMB CE credits). By appt. $400. or 610-348-5698.

Energy Work - 3 hours of concentrating on the Aura and Chakras, by appt $200 for private session.  $100 each if you bring a 2nd student, $75 each in group of 3 to 6 students .  At RHC or your location within 20 miles of RHC.  Call Myra Reichel 610-348-5698 or

RHC Practitioners: private sessions, Reiki Shares, Clinics, and Healing Circles
For appointments: contact practitioners directly or call RHC 610-348-5698
Eloise Prescott, Licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki Master Practitioner :                                                    Eloise offers acupuncture and full Reiki sessions for $75 per hour. See listing for Dec. 3, etc. 
Call 267-240-5109 or for an appt.

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