Wednesday, September 14, 2011

REMINDER LOUISA will be here Thursday - Friday - Saturday see earlier post for more info

Hi Myra:  Here are some PA programs for Sept..I can do clients can make a request as well.  Thanks for your help..Love ya lots..Louise

Join us Wed, Thurs, and Friday evening, Sept. 15, 16, & 17 for spiritual reading, Reiki and quantum energy medicine sessions by Louisa Mastromarino, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, counselor, medium, and certified pain management specialist.  We create client-focused sessions that relax and renew your spirit. Phone Louise at (718)981--2259 to register for your appointment.  Thank you.

Reiki is a beneficial session for stress reduction and relaxation.  Reiki allows the mind, body, and spiritual aspects of ourself to integrate and balance the chakra system and meridians. Reiki is a laying-on-of-hands holistic modality that focuses on positive energy and renewal.  Other benefits included increased joy, enhanced immunity, and enhanced creativity. This is a specialize session that focuses on balancing chakras and meridians for pain management and stress management.

Quantum Healing. 
The quantum signature present in holistic techniques shift molecules and electrons in one state of energy to another state of energy, managing stress and pain in the body naturally.  In this private session we focus on quantum pain management techniques that are effective enough to get to the emotional root cause of illness.  With this information we can create a successful plan of managing the emotional attachment to pain in the body and the pain itself.

Spiritual Readings
Your Angels and Master guides are love and want to share their wisdom with you. Certified ANGEL THERAPY(c) Practitioner, medium, and channeling professional, Louisa Mastromarino, will answer your questions about life purpose, business, relationships, career and more.  The angels Gabrielle, Michael, and Uriel and Masters Jesus, Mary and Kwan Yin, provide accurate, solid advice for you.  Let them open your heart to their presence in your life.  They are amazing companions on your special journey.

Guided Meditations
This session will take you through a guided meditation geared specifically for your your holistic needs.  Meditation has the ability to focus the mind off stressors and  propel the mind to think of something else that is more natural and loving.  These process meditations or focus meditations have the potential to relax your heart rate, help you focus on the positive instead of the negative, and change the stressor or pain in your body to a more manageable state.  Request your own topic of meditation as well.

Weight Control
In this guided meditation we will help you gain focus on your appetite and offer you suggestions for refocusing the mind when you are hungry.  Learn what your stressors are in this coaching session and relax today over weight issues.  

Mental Refocusing
Are you a negative thinker?  In this session we offer a guided meditation program to help you shift negative thinking to positive thinking.  Positive thoughts create a better you.  

Career Manifestation
Do you need a new job?  Enjoy a guided meditation that allows your soul to integrate into your body and create new opportunities for you to work in a career you will love.  The soul decides to clear your path and create more joy in the work you were born to do.  

Manifestation and Abundance  
Reprogram your subconscious mind to think anew.  When we create a healthier mental field we relax the body and offer new thoughts naturally.  This guided meditation is geared to your level of spiritual understanding and helps you practice the manifestation principles used in the video documentary The Secret.   

Self-Esteem Building
Self love is a choice.  What choices are you making on a daily basis?  Are you making choices that help you feel negative or positive about yourself?  In this guided meditation session we will focus a new choice about you, your health, and your life to create a better day.  

Attracting Love
Are you looking for that special someone?  In this private guided visualization, you will soul link to the person or persons most compatible for you.  Reach out on a soul level with your master guides and create new relationships.  Great for those seeking real, lasting joy in themselves and in their partner.
Each session includes a recording of your guided meditation so you can practice it at home.  We strive for the best sessions an offer the best customer service daily to meet your relaxation and holistic healing needs. Thank you for selecting a program above.



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