Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meditation with Sama Ra on June 24

Dear Friends,

Our first Group Meditation & Healing Circle had a great turned out and was well received. So many of you have expressed interest in the work and gathering, but was not able to attend in May due to other obligations. Therefore, it is with great pleasure to announce our second gathering for Friday June 24th. You are welcome to bring statues, objects, flowers or any personal belongings that need blessings or empowerment.

This next gathering holds a special place in my heart because I have invited my friend Stephen Wise, aka 'Katriel', to the collective. A new thought, ancient wisdom recording artist, vocalist, songwriter and producer, he has worked with some of the music industry’s biggest names like Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, Boyz II Men, the Roots, Kenny Gamble, Ritchie Havens and the late Teena Marie, to name a few. Katriel is a musical medicine man whom have cultivated his craft to perfection- utilizing his voice, various flutes, saxophones, keyboards, Australian didgeridoos, native and African drums. Channeling beautiful tones that assist the listener in their own ability to heal by releasing the layers of emotional and psychic traumas that many carry, in varying degrees, whether in this life or before.

Together we will provide you with the means to shift your vibration and get you back on track to a life full of blissed. The itinerary is found below and space is limited. So, I encourage you to register in advance. Please contact us directly if you are called upon to attend this auspicious gathering. If you are unable to attend due to circumstances, you may join us remotely during the Master Ceremony & Healing between 8:20pm and 9:30pm, Eastern Standard Time, USA. If you have a love one who is in need of our healing service, please contact us so special arrangement can be made. The goal of this gathering is to strengthen you as individuals and provide you with a different perspective to health and well-being. More importantly, we are here to help you re-remember what it means to breath in the moment and for you to become a Beacon of Light to those around you.

For the past 25 years working with clients, patients and students, I see a common theme that underlies dis-eased and emotional pain. It is clear that our Western Model of doing things tend to create a body structure that is TOP HEAVY and LIGHT BASE. Contrary to a pyramid where the base is heavy and strong, eventually the body is vulnerable and topples. This imbalance is what leads to a fragile body. Since the body is constantly receiving spiritual currents, many times the 'voltage' becomes too strong for the fragile body to digest. The symptoms are many and will not be listed here. In this group gathering you will learn how to shift your prospective by dynamically interacting with your body and mind so that it becomes a power house of restorative energy vessel. In the Master Ceremony, I and my Guides will assist you by helping you strengthen your energy centers by a field extension technique that will go beyond mind & body to encompass your spiritual DNA and Karma. These paradigm shifts create a new set of belief system that can eventually help you regain what is must important to you; thus you can enjoy the quality of life once again and getting you back on the road to mastery for vibrant living.

For those of you seeking an entry point to spiritual-mindful-living, stress management or simply learning to self heal then this will be a great introduction for you. Through somatic practices of Dong Qi-gong, energy healing, pranayama breathing, vibrational sounds and awareness you will learn how to focus the power of your intention and energy so that the vital energy centers called Dantien(s), specifically the 4 Golden Wheels are strong and resilient. Together my team have prepared nutritional, organic snacks, meals and products so that you can jump start your new and improved body.

- Cheers!
With Vibrant Chi,
Sama'Ra Kamui Bodhisattva


5:00pm -5:30pm: Gathering Begins & Refreshments.

5:30pm -6:45pm: The Pranayama Experience through Somatic Breathwork & Core-breathing and Grounding Meditation.

6:00pm - 7:30pm: The 4 Golden Wheels, 8 Cycles - Harmony Don Ming Qigong, Integrative Somas & Healing Modalities

------------- 7:30pm - 8:00pm: Refreshments & Break -----------------------

8:00pm - 8:20pm: Live Performance, Stephen Wise (Katriel)

8:20pm - 9:30pm: Master Ceremony & Healing with Master Therapists Sama'Ra K. Bodhisattva and Sound Healing with Katriel.

9:30pm - 9:45pm: Lotus Purification Meditation & Mantra Powerhouse.

9:45pm - 10:00pm: Closing, Wisdom to live By.

* Please Note: Children under 14 years of Age cannot attend during the Master Ceremony & Healing.

To Register Please Contact:

Hosts: Slafman Estates, Inc. (Al & Betty Santiago-Slafman) & SKB, LLC.
Location: 7230 Claridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19111
Contact: Al & Betty Slafman; 215-778-7956; 215-779-0284

Donation: Before June 18th, $25.00; At the Door: $35.00 per Person.

Donation Before June 18th: Send check or money order to,
Account Holder: Sama’Ra Tav ▪ SKB, LLC ▪ P.O. Box 2213| Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

* You may also bring a special dish to share with the Group.

* Light Snacks & Meals will be Served.

* Feel free to bring a cushion, yoga mat or support(s) to make yourself comfortable.

* Betty Santiago is a special Arbonne Consultant who can be available to provide you with nutritional, organic and green friendly products for all your needs. Please seek her during the break for a consultation. You can contact her for more details.

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