Monday, October 25, 2010

Additional Reiki Classes

ADVANCED PRACTICE REIKI PRACTITIONER (AP) Reiki IIIA-- Master Symbol for those who only do Reiki for themselves or who do not want to learn to teach but want more experience and the use of the Reiki Master Symbol to do complete Reiki sessions.  12 hours in class $400.  (Note: Requirement for Reiki Master Practitioner: Reiki IIIB)

ADVANCED PRACTICE Sundays 11am-5:30pm December 19th & 26th  
ADVANCED PRACTICE  Saturday 8am-2:30pm  February 12th  & 26th
ADVANCED PRACTICE Weekday, Weekend, and Summer classes by appointment 610-348-5698.
REIKI MASTER PRACTITIONER (RMP) Reiki IIIBPrerequisite: Advanced Practice (Reiki IIIA). No attunement in this class. This 12 hour class, with 24 hours of outside activities, is for those who already have their Reiki Master Symbol but want more experience and information about starting their own Reiki practice. Outside activities include leading Reiki Shares/Healing Circles/ Clinics, presenting Intro to Reiki talks, attending events, and doing paperwork for client sessions.  Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate is given. Self-paced. Classes scheduled by appointment in any sequence. $400.

HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER is open to anyone interested in starting a holistic practice.  Learn about advertising and marketing yourself, networking, paperwork, taxes and deductions, working with clients undergoing severe physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual difficulties, and get full session practice. Holistic Practitioner Certificate after 12 classroom hours and 24 hours of additional practice of outside activities (36 NCBTMB CE credits). By appointment. $400.

Karuna Reiki® I Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master Symbol Attunement 6 months if working as practitioner or12 months if not seeing clients prior to class. $350. Sundays Dec 12, 10am-6pm or Feb 13, 10am-6pm or Mar 6, 10am-6pm or by appt.
Karuna Reiki® II - 6 hours by appointment after completion of Karuna Reiki® Level I. $300. Sun Mar 13, 10am-6pm or Sat May 7, 12:30-7:30 or by appt.
Karuna Reiki® Master If you already have Karuna I & II and you already teach Reiki, you can learn how to do Karuna Reiki® attunements. $300. By appt.

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