Monday, July 5, 2010

Reiki in Italy

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 I was in Italy in April and May where I taught a Magnified Healing (R) in Italian, with a translator who spoke Italian, French and English! Two students flew to Rome from Sicily and drove three hours to the class. They are looking forward to take the level of Magnified Healing when I return to Italy. I was so fortunate to be able to offer this class in Italy with the first translated manuals. Two of the students were nurses.

I did Reiki Healing with several women in Italy and Sicily; the Karuna Reiki(R) helped relieve the stress in their lives. In Italy women are still expected to be in a traditional women's role and if they have a profession the men don't really support them. Professional women find it hard to find husbands! These women appreciated the Karuna Reiki(R) and were able to respect the efforts they were making in their lives better after the sessions.

My husband and I traveled 6500 km in our 34 day visit to Italy! Reiki helped me survive the sitting in the car and the many kms we trudged over cobblestones in Pompeii, Rome and Noto, Nardo, Catania, Foggia and Pescara and many other places. 

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