Saturday, April 3, 2010

Reiki & Acupuncture Clinics & Healing Circles at Reiki Healing Center - Affordable

Clinics by appointment with Reiki Healing Center Practitioners for a reduced fee.
Mondays weekly at RHC:  Reiki mini-sessions $20, contact Eloise Prescott, 267-240-5109.
Wednesdays at RHC: Acupuncture mini-sessions for a reduced fee, contact  Eloise Prescott, Licensed Acupuncturist, 267-240-5109.
Thursday weekly at RHC: 2-7 pm Sliding scale fee $45-75 based on your income for full Reiki session. Contact Joan Nikelsky, 215-498-5346,
Last Wednesday Clinic at RHC: 1/3 off a full session, 610-348-5698.
Wednesdays: Khadijah is offering Reiki sessions for $50 from 5:30 to 7:30 at Eviama Life Spa,
262 S. 16th St. 2nd floor, Phila. PA. 215-910-8902.

Reiki Healing Circles for a $5-$20 donation for anyone interested in trying Reiki or with limited income who would like to receive a Reiki mini-session.  RSVP preferred.
1st Saturdays at 10 am-noon: April 3, May 1 led by Beth Holcombe.  610-745-9098; 610-348-5698.
2nd Thursdays at noon-2pm: April 8, May 13 led by Joan Nikelsky, 215-498-5346.
3rd Tuesdays at 5:30-8 pmApril 20, May 18 led by Beth Holcombe, 610-745-9098.
3rd Sundays at Friends Meeting House, Downingtown, PA.  Call Joe Moon at 610 873-4514.
FREE Reiki Mini-Sessions
2nd Saturdays at 7:30-9 pm:  April 10, May 8 following Intro to Reiki talk, 610-348-5698.
4th Monday free mini-session for those over 55 at Media Fellowship House, 305 S. Jackson St.,
1-3 pm, call 610-348-5698.
Last Wednesday Clinic at RHC: free Reiki mini-session, 610-348-5698.
Reiki Shares for those attuned to Reiki (at least Level I) at Reiki Healing Center
for $5-20 donation; RHC members free.
1st Saturdays at 10 am-1 pm: April 3, May 1 led by Beth Holcombe, 610-745-9098, 610-348-5698.
2nd Wednesdays at 5:30-7:30 pm: April 14, May 12 led by Beth Holcombe, 610-745-9098.
2nd Thursdays at noon-2 pm:  April 8, May 13 led by Joan Nikelsky. 215-498-5346.
2nd Saturdays 7:30-9 pm: April 10, May 8 following Intro to Reiki talk. 610-348-5698.
3rd Tuesdays at 5:30-7:30 pm: April 20, May 18 led by Beth Holcombe, 610-745-9098
At Eviama Life Spa in Center City Philadelphia: 1st Thursdays at 5-7 pmApril 1, May 6.
Call Linda Waters at 215-823-6845.
Occasionally at the Center for Integrative Health in Wilmington, DE:  Call Nick Kotchision
at 302-230-1962.
3rd Sunday at the Friends Meeting House in Downingtown, PA. Call Joe Moon
at 610-873-4514.

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