Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Environmental Group forming in Media to see what we can do to help

Event Announcement: Monthly Steering Group - open meeting
Time: 02:00 PM
Date: 21 February 2010, Sunday
Location: Pendle Hill (Main House: Reading Room)

Open meeting of Steering Group: policy planning and mini-program.

Entrance to Pendle Hill campus is
338 Plush Mill Road, Wallingford PA

Use parking lot on right, behind "the Barn". Walk around and across to "Main House". The "Reading Room" is through the Living Room on the right.

(Pendle Hill serves dinner at 1:00. If you are interested, you need to make reservations with me by 5pm Saturday: George Owen, cell: 414-241- 9336. As my guest your charge will be $5.50)

Questions? Email us:

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Best regards,
Transition Town Media

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