Friday, November 6, 2009

Free Acupuncture Talk at Media 2nd Saturday

Eloise Prescott has been interested in Energy Medicine for many years and began to study Reiki under Myra Reichel in 2005 and soon became a Reiki Master Practitioner. She is studying to become a Reiki Master Teacher. Her Reiki studies provided a good background in Energy Medicine and in 2006 she began a Master’s Program in Acupuncture Medicine at the Won Institute for Graduate Studies.

She is fascinated by the diversity in Chinese Medicine and is currently learning Five Element Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Korean Acupuncture. She works with her clients using all of the tools she currently has at her disposal and incorporates nutritional recommendations (as a long time vegetarian for 34 years) and meditation instruction.

Media 2nd Saturday November 14th 6-9pm

7 pm Intro to Reiki followed by Reiki mini-sessions and Reiki Share

Donations appreciated for mini-sessions

Free talk by Eloise Prescott called: "Acupuncture Medicine, A Healing Alternative." at the Reiki Healing Center 20 South Olive St, Suite 305 Media, PA 19063

During Media’s 2nd Saturdays, free art shows and music performance throughout the town, business, restaurants, etc are open including the Lapidary Society 105 Jasper Street around the corner from the Reiki Healing Center so you can see their work and learn about their classes.

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