Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is an article written for Myra who was kind enough to try and do healing sessions for me when I was in severe pain physically and disillusioned mentally(sorry about my spelling) I had tried 2x to write an article about what I do and what some of the shelters I volunteer do I used to do more physical help but because of my health lately my volunteering has been via the internet and donations I kept telling people I was upset because I could not do more or give the kind of help I used to and they would say something is better then nothing or at least the thought was there so this is when I decided when I wanted to help by writting this news article about the dogs in the shelter why they are there and the kind of help they need and if this helps some dogs(or other animals) get adopted or makes someone think twice about giving their dog away I will be happy. This might be long and might need to be in 2 or more parts Firstly when you think of a dog in the shelter you think of an old mean unadoptable dog WRONG They are and can be a young dog that someone got then found out they took too much time money or effort and after only a few months they were given away they could be dogs that required too much vet bills or medical care they could be dogs that were owned by persons with a home in a steady area then for some reason the owner moved to apt.where they could not have dogs in other situations which I personal had an experience with and found a home for this dog it was owned by an elderly couple they bought the dog for company the man passed suddenly and the woman was left alone devestated and lonely because she missed her husband she died 2 weeks latter so now you have a very young dog who was a spoiled grandchild substitute now in a shelter and scared and now with people looseing jobs homes and income you even have people who love their dogs so much they feel the only way to take care of the pets is to give them to a shelter I have been at a shelter when couples bring in the dogs and say it is either feeding my dogs or my kids this would have never happeened a few years ago These are all the situations other then dogs who are just abandoned so when you go to the shelter think about why these loving dogs bark alot when you come in or look scared etc. There are many ways to help these animals you can send donations to local shelters or you can go online and fill out an application to give just afew hours a week to help they need help with so many things and almost anyone can help They even have nedd for persons to give foster homes temp. houseing to dogs while they are waiting to find homes many times this foster care helps the dogs get used to a family environment so they are more easily adoptable especially if they have emotional issues like that one dog of the elserly couple I told you about that dog was scared to be left alone and would cry almost the whole time she was left alone. my point is dogs do not need much alittle time some food and love for a dog like this is a gift you will never regret the animal will be so greatful and you can not imagine how much joy and warmth you will get back in return My dog Brody a 2 year old active border collie needs more physical exercise then most dogs this is another reason why the working dog breeds border collie,austraillin shepard etc. are brees who you find in shelters in large numbers as I said I have alot of physical medical issues and I am in a great deal of pain but the fact that i have to get up in the morning to give him food get him some exercise gets me up and out instead of just laying about like other people i know this is hard but great and rewarding and then there is just rubbing their tummy peting them and haveing them just lay next to you when you are watching tv or when you are feeling too ill to do anything There is not one person I know that ended up adopting a dog that is not more greatful they got the dog then the dog is that they got them So if you are thinking or giveing up your dog try not too there are even people like me that will help you as much as they can money wise or help others get you moneymoney so you do not have to do this even if we always do not have much and if you have some spare time and money and want someone to share it with adopt an animal from a shelter you will NEVER NEVER regret it I PROMISE I do not know if this turned out how i wanted but I hope you all get the point every precious animal in the shelter is looking and is in need of your time your money and your love and inturn will make your life fuller then you can imagine Sincerely Sharon and my dog Brody PS Can you please all say a healing prayer for me so my body gets better enough where I might do more of what I want for more animals it is my passion and my love

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I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.