Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SPECIAL PRESENTATION during Media's Second Saturday at the Reiki Healing Center

Media Second Saturday, 6-9pm, shops and restaurants are open with free music, art exhibits, and other performances. This evening at the Reiki Healing Center features Sama'Ra Kamui Bodhisattva at 8:15pm. An introduction to Elixir Light Healing, Qi-gong made easy. Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art that awakens your deepest potential energies to help you rejuvenate your body, cultivate your mind and realize your spiritual nature. For those seeking to awaken their full potential, this foundation lecture/talk promo gives you a good insight into the integrity of your body and mind working in unison. These powerful energy centers, called Dantians, are reservoirs of collected energy that can be used to promote greater vitality and healing. The final event of the evening at the Reiki HEaling Center 20 South Olive Street, Media PA suite 305 - take the elevator too the 3rd floor and turn right - first door on the right will be a brief introduction to the Lotus Meditation, which allows the body to cleanse itself of impurities, such as emotional toxins and chemical toxins. The psychological, physical and spiritual meridians become unified and realigned so that the body and mind are in harmony. The Four Golden Wheels is a foundation track to the 15 tracks of Dan Ming Qigong. It is first necessary to open these energy centers before proceeding to the more advanced stages of energy development. For energy workers, this awareness strengthens your ability to channel strong energy and keep you grounded. For the laymen, aligning these energy centers of consciousness creates greater vitality, strong body & mind integrity and good health. Sama’Ra Kamui Bodhisattva has been studying Dan Ming Qi-gong with an acclaimed international friend and teacher, Master Robert Peng. This promotion is free and open to the public. One night only, you do not want to miss this. For a full featured workshop, please contact us for more details, coming soon Spring 2009! © Copyright. SAMA’RA KAMUI BODHISATTVA

Sama'Ra Kamui Bodhisattva is a wellness consultant, a spiritual advisor, a metaphysician, a scientist and a philosopher. He is the founder of The Bodhisattva Experience ™, a company that was forged in 2006 to answer to the demands of a highly toxic world in the 21st Century. He is a long time student of Cosmic Law, Human Potential, Self-Actualization, Spirituality, Martial, Energy Medicine, Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Holistic Therapy for over 27 years. He has formal training in both Western and Eastern styles, of the many lineages of energy healing include Usui-Tibetan, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Dan Ming Qi-gong, Magnified Healing ®, Kamui Spiritual Healing ™, and Usui Reiki Ryoho, which is the 'original' system of Reiki as it has apparently survived and evolved in Japan. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Philadelphia University and Saint Joseph's University, in Pre-medicine (Biology/ Biochemistry), with an additional concentration in psychology. His rich heritage of Eastern medicine (medicinal herbs, folk healing, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Thai massage) was passed down from his Elders. He continued his graduate studies at the New England School of Acupuncture in Chinese Traditional Medicine, and later left NESA to pursue a post back in information technology.
He gives thanks to the many influences that he has had over the years: prominent influences of his life include, Nature, the river and ocean, animals, the Ancestors, his Mother, children, Morihei Ueshiba, Usui Mikao, Dr. Motoyama, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Brennan, Carolyn Myss, Cecelia Ricciotti, Shiva Rea, Mary Christine Teti, Frans & Bronwen Steine, Master Robert Peng, Drunvalo Mechizedek, Ghandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and Operah Winfrey, just to name a few. He desires to make a difference by re-awakening individuals to their full potential and full happiness. We call this "enlightenment." He is currently pursuing a doctorate in bio-energy medicine and natural healing; in addition to continuous studies with private master teachers. And with more than 175,000 professional hours (over seventeen years) of combined experiences in Thai Massage, spiritual and hands-on-healing, acupressure, Qi-Gong and Chinese style body-work, Swedish, sports, deep tissue and more. Sama'Ra is a highly sought after master teacher of mind-body healing and transformational technology. For a consultation, public appearance or to arrange for a workshop in your area, please contact Sama’Ra at info@thebodhisattvaexperience.com.

For information on upcoming workshops at the Reiki Healing Center call Myra Reichel at 610-348-5698

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