Saturday, November 8, 2008

Magnified Healing® Classes are starting with Sarah Hohenberger

Dear one,
I am a Master Teacher of Magnified Healing® of all three Phases.

Magnified Healing ® is a powerful and diverse tool for healing our self, our brothers and sisters, and the earth mother herself.

The initiation into the First Phase of Magnified Healing® empowers you to become a teacher after completing eleven days of daily practice. All you need to embrace this magical healing is provided in the workshop.

To qualify for the two-day Third Phase Workshop, it is required to practice First Phase for four months and daily practice for eleven days before the workshop.

If this invitation is calling you, don’t hesitate call me to register and schedule your class.

Magnified Healing® Phase I

  • Date: Saturday Dec. 13 & Sunday Dec. 14
  • Time: 10am - 6pm on Saturday, 1pm-4pm on Sunday
  • Location: Near the corner of Belmont and City Line Avenues in Philadelphia
  • Fees: $133
  • Teacher: Sarah Hohenberger - Tel: 215 877 0430

Magnified Healing® Phase III

  • Date: Saturday &January 24 from 10am-6pm &Sunday January 25, 2009 10am-3pm
  • Time: 1-6 pm
  • Location: Reiki Healing Center in Media, PA.
  • Fee: $245
  • Teacher: Sarah Hohenberger - Tel: 215 877 0430

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