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Summer Seminar Thursday morning August 14th through 5pm Sunday August 17th

Reiki Healing Center Newsletter July – August 2008 Special Edition

RHC 2nd Annual Seminar Celebrating Dr. Usui's birthday

8:30 Thursday morning August 14th through 5pm Sunday August 17th at the Reiki Healing Center 20 South Olive Street, Suite 305 Media, PA 19063 and other locations. We cannot guarantee that all events will run without pre-registration. Call 610-348-5698 or check Reiki Healing Center for info.

Dr. Usui established the first Reiki School in Japan in the early 1920’s. This seminar honors Dr. Usui with 4 days of events, classes, and a general assembly of people. There will be healers of all methodologies present including Reiki masters. If you are interested in learning about Reiki, are in need of healing, or if you wish to learn how to heal yourself or others please come. Reiki addresses all aspects of the human condition including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.

SECHEDULE OF EVENTS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR A DONATION Please pre-register so that we can have the appropriate facilitators, teacher(s), and practitioners for private sessions, and to provide adequate refreshments. SUGGESTED DONATION of $5-$20 per event.

8:00 am MEDITATION Get together to start the day with a brief meditation.

8:30 am REIKI MASTER TEACHER AND STUDENT MEETINGS Those interested in teaching Reiki can stay to discuss our curriculum on teaching Reiki. Reiki Master Teacher Students and interested Reiki Masters may audit and/or assist in teaching any Reiki Classes running during seminar. Pre-registration appreciated.

12:15 DAILY MEDITATION: Thurs. Fr. Sat. Sun. Walk-ins welcome.

2-4pm Saturday INTRODUCTION TO ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE for BODYWORKERS: Workshop given by Jano Cohen . Learn proper body positioning while working at a massage table doing Reiki. PREREGISTRATION REQUESTED

12:45 DAILY NETWORKING: Thurs., Fri., & Sat. Sun. (bring your lunch if you wish) Walk-ins welcome.

6-9pm Thurs. NETWORKING, MEDITATION, REIKI ATTUNEMENT BOOST, REIKI SHARE, & HEALING CIRCLE (A Reiki Master Teacher will re-attune or give a healing attunement to each person present).

6-9pm Friday Dr. Usui Birthday CelebrationBring your dinner if you wish and come for Dr. Usui’s Birthday cake and stay for Mediations, Attunement Boost, Share and/or Healing Circle. Pre-registration appreciated so we can order enough cake and green tea.

7-9pm Saturday August 16th Magnified Healing Celebration ® Focus on creating a sacred space of healing, oneness, and joyous celebration. Receive a 9 part healing while passing though a temple of light created by the healers. All welcome. Refreshments served. Pre-registration requested.

2-5pm Sunday REIKI SUMMER SEMINAR CLOSING CEREMONYMeditations, award of certificates, Reiki Share, Healing Circles, and party. Refreshments served. Pre-registration requested.

PRIVATE SESSIONS BY APPOINTMENT during Summer Seminar Reiki, Magnified Healing ®, or Bio-Touch Mini-sessions $35.

Usui Reiki $70

Karuna Reiki ®$95

Alexander Technique $75

Massage $85

Polarity Massage $65

SCHEDULE OF CLASSES (Can be scheduled during summer seminar or other dates/ times)

MEDITATION TO DEVELOP YOUR SPIRITUAL ABILITIES: Taught by Rahman Beckwith $55/person. Learn simple, yet valuable exercises that you can practice whenever you want to become more spiritually attuned. Includes exercises like White Light Clearing, Grounding, Shielding, Opening the 3rd Eye, Healing and Manifesting! Call to schedule Thus. Fri. Sat. afternoons during Seminar. Thursday Aug 14 or Friday August 15th - 11AM or 6:40PM ; Sat Aug 16 10AM or 5:45pm ; Sun August 17 10am or 6:35pm

REIKI I: Learn to channel Reiki healing energy for yourself and others, Held on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday mornings 9am-1pm or Saturday 9am to 6pm & Sunday 9am to 1pm. 12-hours Certificate $300

REIKI II: Receive 3 Reiki Symbols and learn to do emotional, mental, and Distance Reiki. Offered Saturday 9 am to 6pm & Sunday 9am to 1pm. Also offered on Friday and Saturday afternoons 2pm to 6pm and Sunday 9am-1pm. 12-hours Certificate $300 Alexander Technique included.

ADVANCED REIKI PRACTITIONER (AP): You will receive the Reiki Master Symbol and learn how to use a pendulum. Class offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 1pm. 12-hours Certificate $300

REIKI MASTER PRACTITONER (RMP) Hands-on practice giving full sessions, information on taxes, insurance, advertising your practice, working with clients with special needs and/or problems. Friday and Saturday 2 to 6pm and Sunday 9am to 1pm. 12-hours of class plus 8-hours additional requirements including hosting Reiki Shares, doing private sessions during Healing Circles. Certificate provided $300.

REIKI MASTER TEACHER (RMT): Learn how to teach your Reiki students, prepare your class program, express your vision, gain confidence, and learn attunement process to enable others to practice Reiki for themselves and others. Program takes approximately a year to complete. Start your training at the seminar by auditing a 12-hour Reiki Class, hosting Reiki Shares, assisting at Healing Circles, and attending meetings, and providing private sessions. Program consists of 6 meetings, auditing all Reiki classes, and student teaching at all levels. Program also requires learning how to do attunements and participation in healing events. Certificate $1200 or $100 per month.

KARUNA REIKI ® all Karuna Reiki ® students receive a workbook for their level and a Certificate from the International Center for Reiki Training signed by William Lee Rand. Students must have received their Reiki Master Symbol a year prior to classes. Master must have taught Reiki classes for a year.

KARUNA REIKI ® I Thursday 1 day $300 & II Practitioner All-day Thursday and Friday learn all 8 symbols $550 KARUNA REIKI ®MASTER All-day Thurs. & Fri., plus additional work. Learn to do attunements $850.

REFLEXOLOGY taught by Rahman Beckwith by appointment $60 per person. Learn this Eastern relaxation method which taps into the body’s energy and meridian lines. Use it to relax yourself or to give a special treatment to family and friends! Class includes hands-on practice.
Thurs. or Fri. 2:30pm or 5:30pm Sat or Sun 12:30 or 4:15pm

ORACLE CARD READING CLASS $70 per/person (Includes Card Deck!) Pre-registration requires. Learn to use your intuition to develop your card reading abilities. Rahman Beckwith.

Thurs. or Fri. 3:45pm or 9pm Sat or Sun 1:45pm or Sat only 7:45pm

MAGNIFIED HEALING ®: Learn this technique and daily meditation channeled to K. Anderson and G. King from Wan Yin. You can teach this modality yourself after 11 days practice.

MAGNIFIED HEALING ® PHASE I: Thursday 11am-5pm and Friday 10am-1pm Learn to Align you light channel, balance your chakras, increase the energy in your hands, release your Karma, and heal your DNA. Certificate, Workbook, and essence $200

MAGNIFIED HEALING CELEBRATION ® PHASE II: Friday 2-6pm and Saturday 6-9pm plus participation in Saturday evening Celebration. Certificate and Workbook & lead MH Celebrations® yourself. $115

MAGNIFIED HEALING PHASE III $245 Call for details.

MANIFESTING AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION $55/hr. with Rahman Beckwith Thurs or Fri 1:15pm or 7:50pm Sat or Sun 11:15am or 4:15pm or 6:35pm

INTRODUCTION TO METAPHYSICS taught by Beth Holcombe Saturday and/or Sunday call for details.

BIO-TOUCH FOR WOMEN taught by Janet Howe. This butterfly touch technique on bare skin amazing for its effects on health and wellbeing! (Wear a 2-piece swimsuit or equivalent underwear or outfit). $100 for classes and materials. Call to schedule.

AUDIT REIKI CLASSES that you have taken already. Bring your old certificate OR demonstrate what you remember, prior to class by appointment. Get Re-Attuned, review materials and symbols, gain confidence. First class attunement and review of symbols, 2nd class table work, and 3rd class hand-on practice. $50 per 4-hr. section of class you wish to re-take or $100 to review whole class. If the level class you wish to take is not running, you can pay $50 for one hour private session to review what you need to know during a private class/session.

INTRODUCTION TO GURDJIEFF : George Gurdjieff traveled the world, worked with spiritual masters and collected both sacred music and dances. He has written 3 books and taught spiritual practice until his passing in 1949. Classes by appointment.

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