Thursday, May 8, 2008

SUMMER SEMINIAR Daily Registration Fees

Early Registration Specials: (by May 31st)

Best Deal: Take a Class and Receive a Bonus Birthday Discount!

Retreat w/Class entire seminar includes: Birthday Celebration Reiki Attunement Boost, Closing Ceremony w/ Reiju Boost, Meditations, Reiki Shares, Magnified Healing Celebration®, Light Snacks and entering Reiki Gift Certificate Raffle.

Please check box and enclose fee per each day: □ Wednesday □ Thursday □ Friday □ Saturday □ Sunday

Happy Birthday Discount! ( By May 31st)

Please check box per each day: □ Wednesday □ Thursday □ Friday □ Saturday □ Sunday

Reiki Shares and Meditations and other classes- Please indicate your interest in scheduling in the evening or throughout the day on your Registration form.

Pick title of class or classes YOU WISH TO TAKE - WE WILL SCHEDULE THEM FOR YOU OVER THE DAYS YOU ARE ATTENDING - (please indicate if you have a preference for longer or shorter length of time for your classes and we will do our best to accommodate you if you let us know as soon as possible the closer we get to the date the more difficult it will be to locate teachers to meet your schedule after that classes may or may not be available)

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