Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Special Activity Thursday August 16th "The 4 Golden Wheels of Light & Ki Development" & Lotus Meditation

Location: Reiki Healing Center 20 A. Olive St. or outside in the park at the Southeast end of Olive Street.

Addition to Reiki Share already scheduled from 7-9pm and Deesha Healing at 7:15-7:30pm .

Powerful Qi-gong exercises to strengthen the 3 Diamonds or energy center of the body (Heaven Ki, Heart Ki & Eart Ki). Led by Sama Sensei, learn this powerful and effect energy rearrangement excercises to open up your energy pathways in the meridians so that Ki flows strong and with vitality. The end result is a perfect channel to heal self and others, thus arises the "Perfect Diamond."
  • Description: A Qigong Master once said, "‘Until you awaken your potential spiritual energy you are like a beggar holding a golden begging bowl’. This Foundation course is design to awaken that powerful Universal energy by rearranging the body into a unified and clearer alignment along the hara centers called the Dantien or The Diamonds, in Buddhism. A series of exercises have been design to rearrange the energetic body into an organized and refreshing arrangement so that the bio-current, Ki or Chi can flow freely throughout the body. The result is a serene mind and invigorating body, where mind and body is in perfect harmony. When the body is in balance, we can freely expressed this Divine energy to further our development and heal others. We will commence the evening with the "Lotus Meditation" to purify the body, mind and awaken your essential nature as infinite, open and blessed spirit (Robert Peng, Qi-gong Master).
4 GOLDEN WHEELS: Your physical body is interpenetrated by a network of subtle energy pathways called meridians. Subtle energy called Qi (pronounced chee) circulates through these channels to regulate your health, vitality, emotional balance, mental sharpness and creativity. Three powerful energy centers called Elixir fields (Dantian in Chinese) act as the main collection centers for your Qi. Your lower Dantian is located three fingers below your navel; your middle Dantian is located at the midpoint between your nipples; and your upper Dantian is located behind the midpoint of your eyebrows in front of the pituitary gland commonly known as the 3rd eye.
4 Golden Wheels is a practice that expands your three Dantians into energetic hemispheres inside of your body. These form the first three Golden Wheels. The fourth Golden Wheel is formed by the Central Meridian, an energy channel that runs from the top of your head to the base of your trunk and interlinks the other three Golden Wheels.
When this energetic matrix is activated your breathing slows down. Your mind relaxes and your heart softens sending waves of love and gratitude flowing through your body. This experience forms the initial transformation of consciousness.
CONNECTING UNIVERSE: Connecting Universe develops an energy channel called the Central Meridian which runs along the vertical axis of your body, extending above your head and below your feet.
The medtiation focuses on spiraling sections of your subtle energy body in expanding loops and then spiraling them back. With practice your Central Meridian becomes more robust and capable of circulating more Universal Qi through your subtle body.
Universal Qi is a powerful force that awakens your latent psychic abilities. Connecting Universe allows you to experience yourself and the universe as two interconnected aspects of one seamless reality.
LOTUS MEDITATION: Lotus Meditation is a practice intended to purify your body and mind and awaken your essential nature as infinite, open and blessed spirit.
Using music, visualizations, mantras the meditation progressively peels open deeper layers of your soul until you reach the formless waters of the Self. Then you invoke the blessing of higher beings and evoke deep compassion and gratitude.
This practice spiritualizes your experience of the entire universe. In particular it awakens your perception of the divinity of all human beings. (Materials, courtesy of Robert Peng, Qi-gong Master).
Sama Kyoshi
Sama'Ra Kamui Bodhisattva
Sama'Ra K. Bodhisattva - IARP, RMT (Registered Teacher, IARP), CMT & BSc
Candidate for Doctorate Program (NMD-PhD/MSc. of Bio-Energy Medicine/Holistic Therapy)
Scientist :: Philosopher :: Spiritual Advisor-Healer :: Clairvoyant - HSP
Usui-Tibetan , Usui Reiki Ryoho, Usui Shiki Reiki Master::Teacher::Practitioner
Holistic Health Care Provider ::Thai Yoga Therapy
Office: 215.978.1948, Mobile: 267.257.0997, Fax: 215.494.5540

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